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First Trax

Okay, we know you regulars just didn’t want to burn any money or damage your equipment during the last week…but things are getting sweet out…so get us some photos of the crowds this weekend…and file those reports. We need you and we’re looking to give away a great vacation getaway to some hard-working reporter. So get those reports to us as often as possible.

We only received three reports from yesterday and only one was from North Carolina and here they are:

Austin Beeghly was at Cataloochee – "The guns were on all day and Cataloochee is looking good yet again. They were pumpinmg out the snow in full force on the lower half of the mountain. Once the skies cleared it was an amazing site to see the people began to flock to the slopes. I have to hand it to the whole staff of the resort, they really are the best at what they do in my opinion. There was a few bare spots and the snow needs to be groomed, but that will be taken care of tommorrow I am sure. But the overall conditions were amazing considering the weather. I have a pic I took that I will send in a few. Overall yet another great day at Cataloochee."

…and from other Southeast areas

Billie Jean Barlow was at Snowshoe Mountain – "The snowguns were going full bore and while it was a bother at times, it was also a very welcome and understandable "inconvenience". The snow actually got better as the day went on. The temperature made the existing snow firmer as they day went along and the additional powder from the guns made things better and better. Today wasn’t a stellar day of skiing but it was pretty nice all in all. I’m here through the weekend and no doubt things will only get better on Saturday and Sunday. I can’t wait!"

Ben Davies reports on WISP – "I ride at WISP a lot and figured I’d put my two cents worth in for you guys. GREAT WEBSITE by the way, the best I have seen anywhere. Amazing. Really. If you are headed to WISP this weekend expect major crowds this weekend. This will be made even more true because Wisp will have the best skiing conditions between Snowshoe and New York. You’ll have a great time, but plan to arrive early, perhaps take a few hours off (from 1 to 4 ideally) and then return for the evening. I was reading some input on another site from another WISP guy and he had a good recommendation. If you really want a nice break mid day, drive over to Canoe On The Run or the Brewpub for lunch. You’ll have a great meal and get away from the crowds. The snowmakers at WISP have been making a ton of snow and you can almost see Deep Creek Lake drop as they are making snow! JUST KIDDING! It should be great out Saturday and Sunday!

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