Old Man Winter Forecasted to BLAST the North Carolina Mountains!

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Everyone is asking us about the BLIZZARD headed our way.  I wish that I could report that this particular blizzard was packing some deep snows, and that could certainly happen…because we all know that the biggest snowstorms are ALWAYS those that are not forecasted. However the speed and intensity with which this storm is heading our way, sure looks like it will pack little in the way of snow…and a WHOLE LOT in the way of wind.  That’s not the kind of winter storm we all dream and pray for.  However, let’s make the best of it and for now let’s look at things in the “glass half full” mode.

We’re getting COLD and SNOW and that will make for some very beautiful days following the end of the storm.  Today…get out and have a great time skiing and riding and welcome in the precip when it starts later today.  Unless things change (and you can check back here often for updates!) it appears that we’ll get some “under-developed Snow” to start off with.  The temps will come in and change that to snow overnight tonight.  The forecast is that some heavy duty winds will also blast the area.  If you’re planning to ski tonight, just bear in mind that winds CAN cause the slopes to close a lift or two. It shouldn’t be too bad tonight though as winds in the 15-25mph range are not all that bad.  The REAL winds kick up on Saturday when they are expected to be in the 30-40mph range as a NORM, and gusting to 60mph!  We are seeing reports that we should expect from 2” to 6” of snow.  Some are reporting that kind of accumulation all across the region and others are forecasting only an inch or two for most areas and heavier amounts in the normal areas along the Tennessee line.  We’ll keep you posted on that as well.

If you want to say that you skied in a blizzard, be prepared and where goggles, and dress in layers.  Have a face mask to cover exposed areas and you might want to call the resort that you’re planning to ski at ahead of time.  Saturday’s kind of winds and snow COULD cause a closing or two – maybe even temporarily.

The phrase for today should be – BE PREPARED.  It may be less wind…more snow.  It may be perfect.  There may be some closings.  Being prepared is the way to go.  If you are visiting us, you might even think about staying in your cabins or accommodations and enjoy winter in the mountains on Saturday and play things by ear. 

Sunday and Monday should be phenomenal.  The winds will surely challenge the snowmaking crews to get and keep snow on the slopes.  These kinds of winds can certainly cause some icy conditions.  However, Saturday night will make for great snowmaking temps and I’d bet that by Sunday we’re going to see some GREAT conditions everywhere.  Resorts should make snow Sunday night as well…which means that Monday will be even better!

If you’re planning on skiing tonight…know that at whatever point the temperatures allow…that the snowguns will be blasting!

Staying On The Base Depths –

Our poll results thus far after a brisk early voting (slower of late) shows that more than 82% of you guys that voted want SkiNC to stay on the resorts to STAY ON accurate base reporting.  We’ll do that.  It should be noted that Cataloochee and Hawksnest are the only resorts that showed a drop in depth in the last 48 hours.  Somehow these near 60 degree temps didn’t affect Appalachian’s, Ski Beech’s, Sugar’s or Wolf Laurel’s bases.  Sugar had been doing so good…but evidently since Appalachian, Ski Beech and Wolf Laurel have evidently decided that they we’re not going to show any lower temps…

That’s the down side to base depth reporting is that everyone is looking around at whatever everybody else is doing rather than stepping forward and simply doing it right. All we know is that with two straight days of near 60 degree weather…snow melts.  For our visitors out there…this is not to say that there isn’t PLENTY of snow on the slopes…there is…but just a couple inches a day less. ‘Nuff said I guess.

Enjoy your long weekend and have fun – and BE PREPARED out there!

Until Next Time!

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