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Minutes after posting this morning’s stories on and I received an email from someone who didn’t feel it necessary to provide their name. The email basically said, "Why are you guys saying that Sugar’s snowfall amounts are wrong? Why not just let them say what they want? You guys aren’t there anyway. How do you know what they received?"

Whew! Where has THIS GUY BEEN? First, we wrote that we WERE in fact there yesterday. Nevertheless, I was moved enough to hop in my truck and drive up to the TOP of Sugar Mountain and I have posted SEVERAL photos to prove my point. The newest photo of the day is of the 10:45am measurement AND you can see all of the measurements that I allude to here on the Photo Archives which can be found at:

I took my trusty ruler and digital camera and snapped some great shots while I was up there. Before you guys tell me that some of the snow might have melted…you’ll see by some of my photos that it was still VERY cloudy up top and EVERY spot that I took photos was at protected areas along the way. In case the guys at Sugar want to say that the most snow was NOT up top…I stopped in at The Reserve, near the top of Sugar Mountain. (If you guys with some money on your hip are looking for a great buy…The Reserve is quite beautiful.) Anyway, I went in there and took some shots in a very protected area, away from any wind.

I stopped at about the 3/4th point and was able to snap a beautiful photo of snow depth, along with some dear tracks…and I can tell you that at the bottom of Grousemoor Drive there was MAYBE 2-3" of snow.

Now I CAN tell you that there were some areas up top, where there was no protection from the wind, where the snow depths were all of 2". There were some areas, going up embankments, where the drifts were about 10". I took ten measurements and the DEEPEST snows were down at the 3/4th mark of the mountain, where snow totaled 6". Up top, in protected areas, I measured 4" and 4.75". No ten inch measurements could be found unless you want to count the banks of snow where drifts took place or where the snow plows pushed the snow.

It SHOULD be noted that it was BEAUTIFUL up there. Lots of sweet, new snow…and everything was white and just the way we all want it. However, nobody in the area pulled the 8-10" that we were all hoping for…including Sugar with their magic snow cloud. If that sounds like "bashing" we don’t mean for it to…we HAVE to have fun with it or else we’d get mad.

In Closing – We can tell you that the other resorts APPRECIATE us doing our best to make all resort "keep it real". We know this, because we get feedback from them telling us so. Enjoy the snow!

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Another measurement taken AT THE TOP of Sugar Mountain this morning shows 4" of snow – Click Photo of the Day to Enlarge.
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