Noon Holiday Skiing, Means Crowded Slopes – a good thing 😉

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As I “forecasted” – the crowds hit up Snowshoe p-r-e-t-t-y hard at around 10:45am this morning. That gave us early-birds an hour and a half to burn down the mountain eight times from top-to-bottom. There was some awesome powder at several portions of SkipJack and that was a bit of a surprise. Another surprise was how hard it was snowing while we made those runs. In fact, it is still snowing at 11am as I type up this update.

Nothing beats skiing or snowboarding other than skiing or snowboarding with family and friends. After things got crowded on Ballhooter and SkipJack, two of my daughters and I ventured over to the Northern Territory and their glide runs. Enjoy this top to bottom…

I’m certain that many of our readers can relate to understanding how rewarding it is for me that just two or three blinks ago (and about 10-12 years) I was bent over skiing with these guys between my legs or on a harness in front of me and now we’re skiing about any terrain anywhere and having a blast doing it. Awesome, awesome.
Another GREAT Use for Streaming Webcams!
Kenny and his new bride, Betsy just texted me that they were headed over to the Silvercreek side of the mountain. I was sitting here typing up this update and took a quick look at the base camera at the bottom of the Ballhooter lift and then also at the camera at Silvercreek. Ummm, great decision Kenny!

Around a 15-20 minute wait at noon at Snowshoe’s Ballhooter lift. Literally NO WAIT at the same time at Silvercreek

I’ve spoke with Ed Galford, Frank DeBerry and other Snowshoe peeps have long talked about how they can better promote and disperse crowds from the Snowshoe side of the mountain over to Silvercreek. There was a plan that almost went through for a new gondola that would take people from one side of the mountain to the other. That WILL happen one day in the not to distant future.

It’s really GREAT seeing the crowds at all the mountains right now. I will tell you that the crowded lift at Ballhooter wasn’t as bad as it looks. Our wait time was around 17 minutes at the longest. Not bad at all really.

Here are some noon day captures…

Looking GOOD at Canaan Valley! P-r-e-t-t-y busy at Sugar. Sugar has the old “Big Red” slope open (Oma’s now). Beech was hopping!

Remember EVEN when you’re ON THE SLOPES, you can visit and get a great look at what’s happening on the mountain. (It just gave us a lot more uncrowded runs! (We’re heading that way now!))

Check back for more…later in the day.

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