No April Fool’s – 3 1/2 Ski Resorts Remain

First Trax

If I told you Snowshoe got another foot of snow in the last 24 hours, would you believe me or know I was trying to get you on April Fool's Day? 😉 Here we are on April 1st and I'm still doing a snow/slope report for two resorts, plus keeping an eye on one more that is closed for the week but not yet for the season. Snowshoe is running like it's early March with seven more days on the snow, closing after April 7th; the Homestead has three more days, with their closing day Wednesday, April 3rd; the same goes for Winterplace, though they may extend it past Wednesday; Wintergreen is reopening for their final day this Saturday, April 6th.

Snowshoe's site has the following message:

Join us April 7th for our Last Hurrah with a costume contest and pond skim on Skidder. Get your last turns of an amazing season.

On Facebook, they recently posted, "Happy April! Come enjoy some turns during the last week of the longest season in a decade!"

At the Homestead, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Not sure whether you want to hit the slopes one more time or enjoy this spring weather, do both! Here's what they say on their site:

Ski? Golf? Today the choice is all yours! We're skiing & snowboarding on 8 trails w/18-38" base of groomed conditions. And, our historic Old Course is open for play! Come & enjoy this beautiful Spring day!

Winterplace is operating at 100% still. How impressive is that!? All 27 trails are open. I'd bet they'll extend the season until this weekend, but we shall see.

Don't forget about Wintergreen (shown right). You have one last chance for the 2012 – 2013 season. We will remain closed during the week, re-opening Saturday 4/6 for more skiing and riding.  For those of you that came out on 4/30, thanks for spending the day with us.  We have more snow than ever before this late in the season. 100% open the last day of March is crazy!  Thanks SNOWPOWER, talented Groomers, Snowmakers and Mother Nature for keeping March COOL! See you on the snow Saturday April 6th.

Now that Easter weekend is behind us, which included the majority of the resorts' final days, they can reflect back on the surprisingly and ever exciting season.  Timberline, whose last day was yesterday, shared the following recap.

A truly amazing ski season for Canaan Valley this year; it was the perfect recipe: we had a strong base each time a new snowstorm would come in. That made for some really fantastic conditions, including tree skiing that Timberline is becoming pretty famous for. This seems to attract more "advanced" skiers, and make beginners want to take more lessons. Either way, I wanted to provide you (and your friends) a recap of VIDEO LINKS, and PHOTO LINKS to share. 

January Photos:

February Photos:

March Photos

The most viewed video featuring Powder and Tree Glades: 

Soon to be the most viewed video featuring "clickers":

One of my favorite videos showing the miles of terrain at Timberline:

Featuring Timberline and Pearly Glades:

A long Video – with local musicians (Aurora Celtic) – featuring some pretty funny footage of locals… Forgive the me for the lousy title, it never caught-on! (very "little" telemark skiing here ahahahah)

Next on the list for Canaan Valley:

Canoeing, Kayaking, Biking and Hiking. Have a great Spring and see you soon.

That'll do it for today, peeps. Get out if you can — they don't work to keep the slopes open this long for themselves. Email me at [email protected].

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