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Wow, Friday is here already. This week has flown by, and what a roller coaster one it has been. For me, it actually feels like two separate weeks. Things could not be any more different at the ski areas across the region right now than what they were on Monday and Tuesday. That’s a good thing though.

Scanning through the cameras this morning, and you’ll see that every ski area is making snow. The two best cams to see this on are the Bryce and Massanutten cams. This is the first time that I’ve been able to see snowmaking on these new cams that we’re implementing. It is pretty awesome. Check them out for yourself if you haven’t yet by heading on over to High Country Web Cams. When I figured out how to implement this technology back in the spring, I knew that it would be awesome come winter. It’s even cooler than I thought it would be though. I’ve gotten so many emails from people who think the same.

<<<< Bryce has been making snow  over the past 36 hours.  Look at those piles of snow!

I know I said the new Winterplace cam would go live yesterday, but it didn’t happen. With the colder temps up there right now, some intense snowmaking is going on and it would be pretty difficult to install the camera in a manmade blizzard. I’m hoping it will happen today but we will see. Just stay tuned! Look for the new App cam to go up next week. I ordered the necessary parts yesterday and I’m thinking by Wednesday of next week it should be live. I’m pretty pumped for both of these!

Looking at upcoming weather across the region, the weekend is looking awesome for continued snowmaking for everyone! From Ober in Tennessee all the way up to Wisp in Maryland, every ski area should be able to make snow at temps will dip into the 20’s during the nighttime hours. It is nice to FINALLY see EVERYONE laying down some manmade goodness.

Things look to mild up a bit towards the middle part of next week so we’ll have to keep an eye on that. Regardless, the next several days should provide ample time for everyone to get a good base down. As we all know, snowmaking operations at the ski areas here in the Southeast are ridiculously good.

With the weekend comes more resort openings. If you didn’t keep up with things yesterday, you missed the fact that Beech and App both announced their intentions to open/re-open for the weekend. Beech starts back up today and App will open for the season tomorrow. Sugar is open once again today. They were hoping to open to the top but it doesn’t appear as if that happened. Maybe tomorrow?  Cat is open today as well.  All of these ski areas should offer some good conditions this weekend. 

<<< Sugar wasn’t able to open to the top today, but things look very nice out there this morning regardless.

Snowshoe is starting their season in about 30 minutes. Here’s what they are saying this morning…

"Good morning snow lovers, and welcome to the 11.12 season at Snowshoe! Rope drop will be at 9am this morning at Snowshoe and Silver Creek areas. Snowshoe will have Skidder, a route through Heisler Way to Whistlepunk to Whiffletree and Spruce Glades will be open with some features. Ballhooter, Skidder and the Magic Carpet will be running. At Silver Creek, Mountaineer lift will be servicing Cant Hook to Greenhorn to Lower Mountaineer. Snowshoe will be open today from 9am-4:30 pm, and the Silver Creek area will be open from 9am-9pm. That’s 12 hours of riding on 30 acres of terrain! Today looks to be clear and cold with a slight chance of snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Our on-snow team has been working diligently to provide the best conditions in the region. Now, let’s get out and make some turns! "

I really like how they have a little write up like that every morning on their snow report. It’s very informative and I wish every resort would do something like that.

Alright, everyone enjoy your weekend and try to get on the snow if you can! It’s going to be a fun weekend at the ski areas that are open. I’ll be riding on Sunday at Beech myself. Mike will keep you guys updated over the weekend with any new info that comes in. Talk to you Monday!

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