More Shameless Promoting and Funky Temps This Morning

First Trax

Check the snow report page for all of the resort slope conditions at a glance. See:

Another morning, another shameless promotion coming your way!

We’re only a few days away from the 5th Annual Ski Southeast Summit at Snowshoe Mountain. Snowshoe is giving messageboard members 25% off lodging for the weekend AND FREE Sunday lift tickets to all those who are staying with you. In addition, we’re having an après ski party on Saturday night at Moonshine and Snowshoe is allowing a group of us (invitation only) to do our annual First Trax thing on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Basically, we’ll get to ski and ride on part of the mountain for 30 minutes before it opens up to the public. Fresh corduroy? Yes please!

It really is going to be a fun weekend even if it looks like it will be a little wet on Saturday. Snowshoe made snow last night and they continue to offer the best conditions in the region. They have 57 of 60 trails open. That is almost double that amount of trails that anyone else has open! It looks like they will be able to make snow again on Thursday night, meaning Friday should be pretty awesome. I’m pretty excited for that as I’m going up Thursday night after work and staying in Marlinton. I’m hoping to get first chair Friday morning.

There are going to be all kinds of other activities going on over the course of the weekend. Snowshoe is holding their Coca-Cola Mountain Madness event and there is going to be live music, cornhole (yes!), DJ’s, and much more. If you haven’t made reservations to join us yet, do so RIGHT NOW! You can read all the info over on the summit page…

Temperatures here in the High Country this morning are pretty cooky. I woke up this morning and saw frost on my car and immediately knew I’d be seeing inversions this morning. Low and behold, we have inversions! The temp here in Foscoe was 29 when I came into the office. It was 47 degrees at the top of Sugar Mountain, 45 at App, and 40 at the top of Beech. Pretty funky. At Sugar, it was 38 at the bottom so in the span of 1200 vertical feet the temperature was almost ten degrees warmer.

It’s noticeably colder up into Virginia and West Virginia this morning. Temps up that way are generally around 30 degrees. However, as far as I can tell it looks like only Snowshoe made snow overnight. Kudos to those guys!

Those inversions here in NC will disappear shortly once things warm up. And they are definitely going to warm up. The sun is already shining and it’s going to be spring-like today. Mild temps, soft snow, and bluebird skies should make for a really fun time. I’m headed out to App as soon as I get off at 4pm. It’s so late in the season now that I should be able to get a good hour and a half of riding in with daylight. You gotta love late season twilight sessions!

I talked yesterday about how things were beginning to wind down, and it became even more evident to me when I was out and about in Banner Elk yesterday. I drove by a certain resort and dang, I didn’t expect to see that many thin spots. There’s still a lot of snow but coverage is definitely starting to get thin for some resorts. It hit me yesterday that we really only have a couple weeks left of riding here in North Carolina. App still has over 3 weeks left to their scheduled closing date, but the others probably won’t make it to then. That…is…depressing.

<<< App is looking GREAT this morning and they should easily be able to make it to their scheduled closing date of March 24th.

Get it while you can! That’s the title of Joe Stevens latest article and it definitely applies right now. It’s crazy to think that March is almost here. I highly suggest getting some more turns in if you can (especially this weekend at Snowshoe), because it’s going to be a LONG 8 months!

Sorry to keep it short this morning, but I have a lot to do today.  Cameras, videos, summit stuff are all in my future for today.  Look for the Sapphire Valley and Lake Tillery cams to go live at some point today.  I’m hoping our new Banner Elk Winery cam goes live too but it all depends on if the electricians can get things working up there.  Cameras, cameras, cameras, gotta love it.  Talk to you guys tomorrow!

Email me your comments, thoughts, photos, vids or anything else you like at [email protected]

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