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More Resorts Announcing Being SOLD OUT….

The lead photo is from this morning at Canaan Valley Resort. If you guys have the opportunity, set your clocks to get up early and have a look around at the LIVE CAMS at around 6:45am-7am as the views are outstanding PLUS you get to see snow grooming crews do their magic.

These guys work HARD while we are still asleep in bed! This is from Snowshoe this morning. Click to Enlarge!


I will admit to be throwing an abbreviated FirsTrax at you guys this morning. I want to thank Kenny Griffin and Matt Laws for keeping you guys up to date the last few days. I’ve been a bit under-the-weather and keeping a low profile. Haha. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve really enjoyed all the video content that Kenny has been sharing.

If you’ve missed it, be sure to look back over the last few days and Kenny has provided a nice, top-to-bottom Shays Revenge to Lower Cupp video and also another really nice one doing the same on Camp99 at Snowshoe.

I did BOTH of those trails on Sunday/Monday and can tell you that I am not sure I have had a better run, top-to-bottom that on Sunday on Shays to Cupp. The snow was perfect, the skies were gorgeous and the slopes uncrowded. Busy, but uncrowded.

I thought I’d share a top-to-bottom run myself this morning and this one is of JHook over on the Soaring Eagle side of Snowshoe Mountain on Monday. I really like that little trail. It provides a nice, chill glide after burning down Widow Maker or Camp99.


I have been compiling some notes from our ski getaway so far and will share more details later in the week, but one thing that we are seeing more and more of across the region is ski resorts that are SOLD OUT for lift passes and tubing during this busy week.

I have not had the opportunity to speak with individual mountain management staffers about just what “SOLD OUT” means for each of them, but there does seem to be some major crowd balancing going on. I’ll try to get more insight on that, but I have to tell you that things are going amazingly, smoothly here at Snowshoe. I know that mountain lodging is completely SOLD OUT, lift passes on the main trails are SOLD OUT and they have a limited number of Silver Creek passes available. What that means to those visitors who are AT Snowshoe during this always-busy-Christmas-to-New-Year week is hard to pin down.

All I can tell you is that if you want to ski uncrowded slopes…get out early. Rope drop is at 9am here and by 10:30am the slopes are packed and the lift lines at the bottom are as busy as they’ve ever been.

As I was doing the SNOW REPORT this morning, I saw where Beech Mountain Resort was SOLD OUT today. Ditto that for Massanutten Resort.

I’ve checked out the LIVE CAMS during each of the last few days and every ski area looks to be doing super well in terms of skier visits. As I said, Beech even sold out of rental equipment for today.

Look for more great photos and videos throughout the day today. Conditions should be sweet again today. The resorts into Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland were all able to make snow…as temps are considerably colder the further north you look. (Sugar is making snow up top this morning at 32 degrees.) Here at Snowshoe, we are seeing 14 degrees and 4 degree windchills.

Check back in a bit for more updates and photo shares from across the region.

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