Abandonded trails at Ober Gatlinburg

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@swamphox 242819 wrote:It'd be like having a library in a trailer park

HAHA!Maybe they would burn all the books in a big bonfire!
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@time2323 242878 wrote:Im just sayin that it would be another way for them to level the playing field with Cat for attracting people in the Knox area trying to decide where to buy a season pass. Cat's glades, while none-too impressive, have seen a lot of traffic the last 2 seasons.

I personally have a pass to Cat and get about 4-6 free passes to Ober each year, and several times Ive chosen going to Cat even though it's an hour farther, over Ober mainly for the trees.

When Maggie Valley starts attracting youth conventions and other off season stuff like Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge does Ober might start worrying. I would bet Ober's paid skier days are 2 times what Cat's are, if not 3 times. And about 96% of those people never get off Cub Way, Castle Run, and Lower Bear.

Yeah, it would be really cool if Ober developed that area, but it would be a huge waste of money from a business perspective.
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From the perspective of lift tickets and beginner sales, yeah youre right. But it actually seems to me like Ober is starting to care more about attracting, or not losing, season pass holders and locals. The new park has been pretty good for a first time set up. It's not just a few features for the sake of listing it on their map, which to me says they are at least somewhat interested in the non-equipment renting crowd.

I think if done right, meaning just a small area off of an already existing trail with only a small change in the snowmaking, the small ticket/pass increase would make it worth it in the long term.
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Glades at Ober would be an unwise decision IMO for two reasons. As TD said, Ober is a church bus/tourist magnet. the moment the rope dropped you would have multiple rookies tasting bark. Secondly, Obers low elevation would not be able to sustain any meanigful soft snow for too long. Glades skiing on ice shoots that resemble bob sled runs is nasty business (I've tried it once or twice and vowed never to be so stupid again). Now if you combine the two...oh my.

I always wondered why the old North East style of trail cutting would not work down here. Narrow trails with ample tree canopy left.
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Here's a picture of Big John that was posted on the Ober website:

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