Hawksnest Ski Resort - Seven Devils, Boone, North Carolina

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(info From Ski Southeast.com)

Hawksnest is one of the latest additions to the list of "lost ski areas" and much could be written about the story. The resort opened in 1966 and we could write a BOOK about the growth, rise and fall of one of the local favorite ski areas.

SkiNC documented much of the fight between the Cottoms who own the resort area and the Seven Devils Town Hall. The area now operates as a zip line and snow tubing hill. It closed for good in July of 2008. see: http://skinc.com/article.php?article=2235

The little ski area was only 20 acres, but what it lacked in size it made up for in terms of a friendly skiing experience. The ski resort had 4 lifts and 12 trails. They offered night skiing until 4am at one point and that made for some great times.


Vertical drop: 619 feet

Total Runs: 12

- 30% Expert and Advanced

- 50% Intermediate Runs

- 20% Beginner Runs

Total Lifts: 4

Skiing Area: 20 acres


Latitude: 36.141186

Longitude: -81.827011
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the fall lines at hawknest are what i liked most ab the place, and their potential master plan that was painted on the wall of the lodge looked awesome
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my first really enjoyable day of skiing was at hawksnest when I was 5. The last time I was there was the best session of night skiing i have ever had; it snowed about 8 inches during the day before we got there and it snowed another 6-8 inches while we were there from 6 to 11. The slopes were deserted, everything was open, and all the runs were covered in pow. All things considered I think Hawks is my favorite resort in nc. Even on very busy weekends we knew we could go to hawksnest and not have any lift lines. I'm glad the mountain is still ready to go if the stars aligned and the mountain reopened for skiing.
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This place quickly became my favorite place to ski. It had some decent terrain and never got really that crowded. Here's the breif story, My parents took me sking for my 1st time when I was about 15 at Beech. I remember, My dad took me straight to the top and it was very VERY cold that night and they was blowing snow like crazy. I hated it and I was freezing my arse off but I knew that the only way I was gonna "survive" and get warm was to get down that mountain! So I said a little prayer and long story short, by the time I got to the bottom I had lost my family but could care less cause I was heading back up cause I knew I wanted to learn and get better so I kept at it. Two weeks later, for my birthday I had my dad take me to Sugar Mtn cause everbody said it was "big" and I wanted to ski somewhere big. We got to sugar, bought a lift ticket and headed up to the top. I remember it being really crowded and I didn't really have as much fun as I did at Beech cause still being a beginner everybody was in my way so I made the best of it and we left about 2:00 and headed home. On the way home we passed by the sign for hawksnest that said, "Skiing till 2am" and I was like wow I wanna check that out so once I got home ,I kinda regrouped and Begged my parents to let me take their car and head back up the mountian BY MYSELF and go skiing at Hawksnest. They finally gave in and said yes cause it was my birthday and I went to hawksnest where there was virtally no crowds and skied till 2am and had a blast. From that point (my 3rd time skiing) I was hooked and wanted to go back every weekend to hawksnest cause I loved the late night skiing and not having to fight the crowds.
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Nice place to night ski even if it did get too icy at times.I miss that bar,fireplace and ambiance.
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@skipanther 226402 wrote:Nice place to night ski even if it did get too icy at times.I miss that bar,fireplace and ambiance.

Hawk did have the best bar.
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When Hawksnest was open, I skied there almost exclusively because of their terrain and lack of crowds. It is a shame we lost this ski area. I truly hope that it will open again.
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I learned to ski at Hawksnest. Too bad it closed for skiing.
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