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I moved to Charlotte a couple a years ago from Wisconsin after college and have enjoyed a return to skiing after a ~4-5 year layoff (never got a chance to go during school due to athletic commitments) the last couple of winters. I'm probably a fairly mediocre skier by this board's standards but I can hold my own on a diamond without looking like a complete idiot.

I've been to App, Wolf, Beech, and Sugar down here...going to hit Cat for sure this season and want to go to Snowshoe eventually but that'll have to be a fully planned affair instead of just a quick day trip. I have also been to a handful of places in Wisconsin and Michigan (I miss that sweet, sweet lake effect snow...4-5 inches of fresh powder almost every morning on one trip I took). I've never been out west to do any "real" skiing but perhaps I'll make plans sometime in the next couple of years before I start having to deal with other life commitments.

As fall approaches I started getting the itch and started looking up skiing info and found this place. So here I am.
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Hey fitz welcome to the board. Life comes fast so start making those western trip plans now!
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Yep, welcome... and I wouldn't worry much about the standards of skiing here, we are all over the place
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Yes there are no standards.
"Nothing changes if nothing changes."
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