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Hello! I've lurked here a little, figured I might as well join. I'm a high schooler, and as such don't have much money to spend on equipment. So, I hunt at garage sales, thrift stores, etc. I've ended up with a pair of Head Cyber 241x1's, a pair of K2 Three78's, both with Salomon 800s bindings, and a pair of Rossignol STS Carbons as junk skis. For boots I have a pair of SX61's, and a pair of SX 81's. I learned to ski at Hawksnest and Wolf Ridge, and I've gotten at least one ski trip each year for the past five years. I ended up with 4 days of alpine skiing last year, (plus one day nordic at Whitegrass), at Sugar, Canaan, and Wintergreen.

I also ski around my neighborhood in Central NC, and I've built myself a little hill in my backyard. That's the reason I bought and hang on to so much older equipment, so friends can use it when they come over. I make my own snow, and I had snow on the ground for 40 consecutive days last year. (though it wasn't always skiable-you really want a power groomer after it rains and freezes!)

That's three years old now, the slope is now a glade run through the woods, with a 4-foot tall wooden drop in at the top for a total of 7 vertical feet. I just don't have pictures of it on Photobucket yet.

This year, I've started a high school ski team/club, and I'm also organizing a Boy Scout trip out to Cat for Saturday, Dec. 3 for their early season special. I'm looking forward to more downhill time this year!

Also, thanks to everyone posting trip reports, reviews, etc. here... it makes the warmer months almost bearable! This is a wonderful forum y'all have here!
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And that is a great first post -- welcome

So you did some nordic at Whitegrass, very cool; my wife and I are going to try that the first weekend with real snowfall.
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Welcome. Glad to see some new young people my age around here.
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@skipink 253303 wrote:Welcome. Glad to see some new young people my age around here.


Welcome to the board dude.

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And watch out for the flying sarcasm
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Welcome! Awesome you get to make your own snow, but your utility bill must be up the wazoo.
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It's not that bad. In 12 hours snowmaking, I might use 1800 gallons of water and 21 kWh, and then the hill's open for at least a week.

As far as flying sarcasm goes, I know how to duck. :D
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That's awesome, but is that the slope right there?
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