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If you are a new member, please make your first post in this forum to introduce yourself. This will give existing members a chance to welcome you properly and assist you with any questions you may have about the messageboard or SkiNC/SkiSoutheast in general. I'd like to be the first to welcome you and we from SkiSoutheast hope to see you on the slopes soon.
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Some things folks are usually curious about . . . what state are you in? Where have you skied before, whether in the SE or elsewhere? Skier or boarder? If you bring kids, what age(s)?

Looking forward to meeting new folks who love it when there is snow in the air or on the ground.

By the way, I'm near Raleigh, NC. Ski as much as possible with my 10yo daughter. But will go without her too. :)
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Awesome! Thank you!
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If you're a new member, please fill out your profile so we know where you live (city, state please).
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@GreshamB 235156 wrote:x-post to Telenunz' thread

TeleNUN???? Now there's an interesting concept....
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Our newest member is Chef Jeff. I hope you can cook something other than turkey!
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^ Is that a country song?
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Is he talking turkey or cooking turkey?
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Hey guys, Awesome site. Very informative. Skiing for four years. 41 years old, married with two boys, 20 and 14. Truck driver for Averitt. Headed to Beech Sunday afternoon, then Sugar on Monday with 21 church kids.
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