Lost area near Dunlop, TN

This is the place to share your stories or knowledge about ski areas that used to operate and are now lost or closed in Tennessee.
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Chris Keach
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I’ve never posted here before but have enjoyed reading about lost ski areas.

I have one to add to the list but unfortunately have very little information. Hopefully someone out there knows something about this failed venture.

Around 1979-1980 my family joined another family for a spring weekend at a cabin near Dunlop, TN. I was probably 11 or 12 years old at the time. The cabin belonged to a friend of the other family and he was working to open a small ski area nearby.

One afternoon we went to visit his ski area to thank him for use of the cabin. I recall walking up a grass-covered hill of a size comparable to Sky Valley, GA or Scaly Mountain, NC with lift towers in place and chairs hung.

In asking my parents they seem to remember lifts in place as well, and the fact that it was somewhere near Dunlop, but nothing more. To my knowledge the area never opened and we’ve long since lost touch with the other family.

Obviously the location wouldn’t see much natural snow and would struggle to support regular snow-making. No surprise it didn’t make it.

If any one has any information on this lost “almost” resort I’d like to know.

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Renegade mtn wouldve been the closest....remember how long of a drive it was from the cabin?
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Just a wild guess. I think it would be at Deer Head Resort. Near Dunlap Tn, it has a road named Skiview, the sat photo shows a large clear cut area. Other than that, I can't find anything.
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