Gregg's Knob - Terra Alta, West Virginia

This is the place to share your stories or knowledge about ski areas that used to operate and are now lost or closed in West Virginia.
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Eight miles north of Terra Alta, West Virginia was Gregg’s Knob ski area. Gregg’s Knob was located on Gregg’s Knob Mountain which is one of the highest peaks in Preston County.

The northeastern face of the mountain offered a quarter mile slope serviced by two rope tows. You could enjoy a day or afternoon of skiing at 3,300 feet for only $1.50.

Three Morganton men, John Garlow, Wayne W. Bowen, and Roy Williamson, were in charge of the project. The Mountaineer Winter Sports Club was responsible in-part to getting information out about Gregg’s Knob ski area.

If you have any information or photos about this ski area, post here or drop us an email at [email protected]. This portion of the messageboard was implemented so that those who have skied or played at any of the closed ski areas can share their experiences and discuss "old times". Understand that the content shared may not be 100% accurate.
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