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Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:03 pm
by adm1n
Mountain Run ski area was located just a few minutes from Mount Jackson in Moreland Gap, Virginia.

The area was 170 acres and had seven trails. Terrain at Mountain Run could be accessed via one 900 foot long double lift, which served three trails, one j-bar, and one rope tow. The original owners purchased around 500 acres with plans for another lift to the top of the mountain, which would have given the area a 800-1000 foot vertical, though at the time the area was very short by Virginia standards.

Mountain Run would have had no concern about water supply, as they dammed up a stream called Mountain Run, hence the name. With all of that water, they could have made some serious snow being they used snowguns (considered to be high-tech at the time) which utilized fans rather than compressed air.

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