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Discuss Lost or Closed NC Ski Areas here
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given that I spend so much time here, and if we grant the fact that what I post is pretty damned important, and further that my train of thought is too frequently interrupted by other people on this travesty otherwise known as a "message board"

to alleviate all these worries, why don't we just have an additional forum dedicated to me.

Obviously you would keep the other ones too, Ski/talk NonSki/talk LostSki/talk OtherKindsoftalk/talk, these all serve a nececarry (if highly dubious) role and I would hate to see them dissappear within the next two weeks

This all may sound self-centered but let me assure you it is NOT. It would be a benefit for everyone. While it may take a day or two to incorporate this change and I'm eagar to hear your input, regarding the name for the forum we should start from the idea of

DAVID'S FORUM, where DAVID will speak about winter issues important to DAVID for the entire freakin' summer!!!

work in progress Mike but I think we can agree on the bare bones here and proceed
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this forum is Lost
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I lost some ski poles at Sugar..
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@2slikstix 290321 wrote:I lost some ski poles at Sugar..

I lost a board and bindings.

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i lost my ego at beech
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