Hawksnest Ski Resort - Seven Devils, Boone, North Carolina

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@adm1n 224845 wrote:(info From Ski Southeast.com)

They offered night skiing until 4am at one point and that made for some great times.

those were crazy/good times for sure. i went to ASU from 84 to 89 and skied mostly at Hawksnest, mostly because it was the least expensive place to ski.
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Did Hawksnest twice.

The first time must have been a holiday weekend, (though I swear it was February or March, its been about 10 years now) because it was extremely crowded, we must have waited in lift lines 20 minutes long, the conditions were very icy and I remember not really having that great of a time.

Went a 2nd time during the 05-06 season, the conditions were much better and the crowds were non existent. If my first trip had been more like the 2nd one I probably would have visited more often.
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Hawks had the best race course on Top Gun for the Crescent Series in NC.
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Hawksnest was awesome. I went there a ton of times on what would be the final season. The only thing i didnt like about it was they made you pay to park like app ski mtn. My buddy worked there once they went tubing only and was amazed at how much cash tubing only raked in. Shame on seven devils for being part of the reason the lifts dont run there anymore.
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One spring semester at UNC I had classes on Tuesday & Thurday only. Spent the winter making day trips to Hawsnest on most of the "no class" days. Easy to get to...cheap...miss it
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hey teledave, do you have that picture of the painting in the hawksnest lodge of the possible expansion of their ski trails?
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It was Seven Devils when I skied it. Probably one of the most "feral" ski areas in NC at the time. Great fall line skiing. Many of the patrol and racers of the time preferred it.

Pity it's gone.
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Seven Devils was one of the BEST kept secrets in NC

though smaller place,and always mogals the size of VW Bettles, the skiing was the BEST!!! And the lodge had fireplace going on all three floors,,unless the third floor was closed,,,it has drinking up there oooooo,,,

the seven devils inn half way down had rooms that were great!! and they would even hide a key for me as often i was late checking in.

What great memories I have @ Seven Devils

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I still think there's a chance it will open for skiing again. But I think it would take someone buying the mountain from the Cottom's and working a deal with the town. The town really wants the golf course opened up. The course could also be usable in the winter for x-country/AT skiing, snowshoeing and maybe even snowmobiling when there is enough natural snow.

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hawk was the first place I boarded in my life and when a place gets you into the experience of snow sports it's always gonna have a special place in your memories.

Here's to hawksnest opening another day!
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