App opening day

This is the spot to post your trail and trip reports. Please notify [email protected] when you do so that we can feature the better ones on the front of the website.
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Lets start with positive intangibles, things that just improve experiences:

-heard Rasputin by Boney M playing in the terrain park on the resort speakers
-their fries are really good. All their food is good usually but for some reason their fries seemed impressively tasty. Now if they can get those Switch drinks back in...
-everyone working their is always really nice.

Left at 430. Found a traffic jam in Greenville. Didnt get there for rope drop. Obvs not first hundred there.

It wouldnt have mattered. The lady we got our tix from said they had their first 100 tix sold for today 2 or 3 days prior. I bought mine yesterday 20 min or so after they announced opening on fb. Kind of a bummer but if you wanted to reward blind faith its a cool gesture.

The good thing abt getting there late is we didnt have need for coats so fair trade.

Covid masks. I wore one. Kid put one on after lunch. Before lunch, no kids and maybe a third of adults wore them. After lunch they told people to out them on. Thats all well and good as we both wore ours at that point but geez there were a good number of employees in varying states of non compliance after lunch <cough instructors cough>. My own personal view is that masks that arent n95s dont do a whole lot of good but I'm also glad theyre not requiring n95s (theyre unpleasant to wear all day). If it takes wearing some face covering to make people feel better about having a season its not a big deal (and its entirely feeling based imho as a bandana across ones face to stop covid is like trying to stop pollen from getting on your screen porch). Since i know theyll accept bandanas, balaclavas, neck socks etc def doing that after today. N100s and surgical masks dont do well with helmets and fog goggles if you arent careful and you cant raise and lower them as easily. Also, surgical masks break easily. Bonus for n100s and surgical masks: you can tell if youre dehydrated pretty easily.

The biggest thing to take away from the pics:. Good coverage. The terrain parks are all already looking good.





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Great report. Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for sharing
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