Cat 12-16-17

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Apologies for no video. Left my mini sd card at home and didnt realize it til I got to Cat

We headed out and got there abt 15 min before rope drop. Corwds werent ever bad...we didnt wait in lift lines hardly at all which is nice for a Saturday with conditions as great as they were. All the runs were great. I even ducked into the glades a couple of times.

AJ decided to do Upper OMG and liked it. So we did it a couple more. I think he's more partial to Alley Cat tho. He shot off to the right side of Alley Cat so he could approach this kicker at the end of it and flew over a patch of grass. I saw it and was about certain he was gonna wipe out but he dealt with it without missing a beat.

It was really clear that morning

First thing in the AM for Rock Island

The snow on Upper OMG was on PURNT

Alley Cat saw the best wipeout of the day. Kid in jeans screaming down upper snowbird and catches the front of his skis right before going over the edge into Alley Cat and proceeds to face plant, followed by a scorpion tomahawk. It was a sight to behold. He gave a thumbs up.
This is not a pic of that wipeout

The hanging gardens of Maggie Valley

AJ hitting the kicker

Skiing waits for Snowman

Rock Island looking quiet and pristing

Lower Snowbird has this pit at the end which is perfect for concentrating carnage. It wasnt too busy for a Saturday but the Goober factor was high if u went down the Snowbird runs
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