App opening day 11-24

This is the spot to post your trail and trip reports. Please notify [email protected] when you do so that we can feature the better ones on the front of the website.
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went up the night before so we got some decent sleep in. got a neck tube for being one of the first 50 people and had a great time. the bootfitter Gen at Alpine really helped me out. my boy had one foot that was bothering him with his current boots. i was prepared to buy another pair. Gen didnt think that was the best idea and provided some solutions that saved me a good deal of time and money so thank the Lord for that. Snow was fine. Wx was great.


pre rope drop line


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big appal

they have the switch drinks back in the lodge. food looked good but we just opted for cheese fries.

ski tracks had a top speed for us of 43.9

happy Thanksgiving
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Days on Snow 21-22
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