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The market is broken, price, demand, supply... are all out of whack and have been made worse by COVID and Floridians defrauding their employers by pretending to work remote but actually skiing in NC.

How do we fix it? Raise prices? Invest in new ski resorts? Ban Florida and Georgia residents from entering NC permanently?
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Ban Florida, SC, and Georgia. Throw TN in there too. Florida needs to be locked down for one full year for being idiots. They don't have to worry about anyone coming down there, nobody wants to visit that arm pit. Nobody gets to leave Florida for one year, even after the vaccine. Problem solved.

In all seriousness, I would expect next year to be just as bad as this year. Believe it or not we have it easy compared to Europe...I am based half the year in Austria. Same unrest in the EU.
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Ban TN? Now you're just talking all crazy. I can totally get behind a 'Quarantine Florida' movement though. We also need a separate Mountain Driver's License where you have to show proficiency in driving your vehicle up and down hills and around curves without causing a traffic backup. It should be automatically revoked any time the driver slows down for a photo or video rather than pulling over and stopping as well.
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