La Niña winter?

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If i read right, NOAA has announced we are moving into a La Niña winter weather pattern. Anyone recall what prior La Niña weather patterns have done for our mountains? I think a few have been quite productive....
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I know theyre typically good for Tahoe. It seems like theyve been a crapshoot for the SE though.
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Regardless we are overdue for a decent long cold winter, it's been a while.
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Outlook is for a cooler and drier Nov/Dec and a warmer and wetter Jan/Feb, deviations from averages.

So maybe a good early season at least? I don't know that the normal rules apply any more, I think we have entered a decade or more of wildly volatile climate conditions where we see winters that have wild temperature variations between freezing and mild throughout the entire winter. What that means for ski resorts is there will be a premium on building a good base to maintain through a week of 50-60's before you can make more snow to refresh things.

FYI, 1st paragraph is an industry forecast for the SE. 2nd paragraph is solely my non-scientific opinion. Hey if Donald Trump can broadcast his hunches, why can't I?
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I believe that man!

NC weather has seemed to take quite the temperate change since 2012. No longer are 2 week cold spells the norm 4 to 5 times a season. The flowers bloom earlier. Plants survive longer into the fall. Whatever the reason for the shift in weather... the lack of ample natural snow of late Sucks
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