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Is that a paid ad?
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jt3 wrote: Mon Oct 12, 2020 7:48 pm Is that a paid ad?
Well at least he's truthful in the name of his website. Maybe he should add the tagline, "By Gapers for Gapers".

The whole site reads like a term paper written by an ESL student, and it's chock full of typos. I liked this line especially, " They make out a chance for night skiers who enjoy night skiing, which is another wonderful experience where people go skiing at night and at that time it is not crowded as most people prefer sleeping at that time." Good thing you told me people prefer sleeping at night and that night skiing is where people go skiing at night.
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almost good wrote:Image
They are still using some of those old old home made snow guns
Sorry about the necro - those are SMI SnowStream 320. They're hard to get parts for anymore, and they're about the only design of mechanical nucleation gun ever made. They work by smacking water with differently angled alloy fan blades. Some of the blades just shatter the water into mist, and some sling tiny ice shards off to act as nucleation sites. They can be tricky to run well, but several snowmakers I know have pretty good opinions of them. They're also relatively efficient compared to other guns from that time period, and they don't need a lot of maintenance like a fan gun does.

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