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Wed Nov 27, 2019 12:02 pm

For anyone who is reading this thread and has no clue what the term "boot fitter" or "custom footbed" means, a good source of info are the articles by Ski Monster. That's a ski shop in Boston that a few of my friends like a lot. ... ed-to-fit/ ... oots-hurt/

Buying ski boots and tweaking them afterwards can be a worthwhile investment, even if only skiing 10-15 days a season. Well fitted ski boots last a long time at that rate.

Ski Country didn't push a $200 custom footbed for the recreational boots I bought on sale, but they did highly recommend an after-market $25 footbed over the "stock footbed" that comes with a pair of relatively inexpensive ski boots. I followed the advice. Got custom footbeds with my next pair of boots when I was starting to ski 25+ days a season. There are also $40 heat-moldable footbeds that can do the trick for someone with high arches. That's what worked for my adult niece after I bought her a pair of lightly used boots ($75) that I knew would fit better than any rental boots.
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