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Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:54 pm

Im just saying, you still could have updated us about long term forecasts and stuff.

Or just posted regularly like all the other members, you dont have to talk about the weather just cause youre a meteorologist :D were not going to shoot you
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Mon Feb 06, 2006 6:27 pm

wxbrad wrote:
The more significant snow could come Monday night into Tuesday with a major low forming in the Gulf of Mexico and heading for the Carolinas. By Monday and Tuesday the cold air will be established across the region so any moisture will fall as snow, the questions are will the storm track too far from the mountains. Could be snow across the piedmont of the Carolinas and Virginia and not so much for the mountains.

Even if the storm track keeps the major snowstorms away from the higher terrain there’s this one saving grace. With the polar vortex set up ad send waves of cold air down. Each eave will have an upper air disturbance with it call a vort max. These will be coming down in Northwest flow so each one could flare up the Northwest snow showers. I actually think with these cold northwest flow the mountains might not see a huge dump of snow all at once but just a persistent light snow showers pattern that could last for days. So while the snow won’t pile up all at once, by the end of next week the mountains may have gotten 12-15” spread out over the whole week.

Stay tuned….. and good skiing!


I'm assumming that the 12-15" by the end of the week isn't gonna happen? Nothing more than flurries is forecasted until the late weekend. Was this a bust? :wink:

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Mon Feb 06, 2006 6:50 pm

wxbrad wrote:
Been gone since Decmber cause January was a compplete dud! Now that things are cranking up here I am! :-)

I mean what did you want me to say during January it was windy and rainy, not excatly great skiing weather eh?


Yeah, thats exactly what we expect you to say if thata what the forecast is. We don't want some candyass skierfied weather forecast, what we want is the real deal. If it's gonna be rainy and 33 we want to know without the prediction of 12 inches of snow if the temps drop 5 degrees more when nobody expects them too.

I will say that weather forecasting here is probably harder than anywhere else in the country though. We are always plus/minus 3 degrees between pouring rain and a blizzard. Props to you weather guys that hang it out there and actually try to make a prediction. I always plan on crap, and if its good then its good.
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Mon Feb 06, 2006 8:01 pm

waynecash wrote:
Well we were out for the GroundHog if he had not done as we told him to.

:lol: :lol:

Yeah we were. i even had my grenades ready :D
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