Merry Christmas from All of the Southeast’s and mid-Atlantic Ski Resorts

First Trax

Check the SNOW REPORT as many resorts have special schedules today and Wolf Ridge Resort is CLOSED for the day and night. We also invite you to take your own, virtual tour of all of the ski resorts and just how sweet they all look today on the Ski Resort Cams

Merry Christmas and God Bless us Everyone! Today’s Photo of the Day was provided compliments of Wintergreen Resort. Man they share some awesome ‘sun shots’.

I was up at 4am this morning and was able to early-post Appalachian Ski Mountain’s sweet, Christmas deal as Canaan Valley’s early morning Christmas wishes for everyone. See those below.


It’s kind of Christmas tradition that’s been going on for the last 25 years that I get up at three or four AM to ‘help Santa with his duties’. I was surprised to see some early video posts and Christmas wishes extended by various resorts.

Conditions Will Be Simply Awesome…for the most part. Really fine everywhere…

This will come off a bit like a disproportionate assessment of what conditions are like across the Southeast and mid-Atlantic ski areas. However, it is an eight-hour drive (500 miles) from Wisp Resort in Maryland to Sapphire Valley in North Carolina and a trek that spans five states – so the weather and conditions WILL BE different from one location to the next. All you need to do is look at some of the posted videos and the LIVE camera streams and you’ll see conditions that vary greatly.

To be clear, every open ski resort in the region will be offering plenty of skiable terrain to ski, snowboard and snow tube on. If you are already visiting any of the 16 ski areas, you will be in for a great Holiday ski/snowboarding trip.

Omni Homestead is the only ski area in the region to not yet open for the season. I kind of think that we will be seeing that happen for their Holiday guests perhaps tomorrow or within a day or so. Wolf Ridge Resort is closed for Christmas Day. Outside of those exceptions, everyone else is open and playing on what will be plenty of snow to ride and good coverage.

Certainly the ski resorts in Maryland, West Virginia and North Carolina have been blessed with colder temperatures AND from 6-10″ of snow lately and those ingredients will ensure some sweet conditions for Holiday travelers.

Lots of SNOW MAKING was happening as I toured the LIVE CAMS this morning and that means more slopes opening with each of the next passing days.

I don’t know about YOU GUYS, but I am getting pumped for my own, annual trek to Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia.

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A lot of our crew of 16 guests headed to Snowshoe are pretty outgoing and it should be fun. Kenny Griffin, Joe Stevens and I plan on getting Snowshoe’s peeps in on the fun with some slopeside chats and more.

Here are some Christmas Morning Shares and General Input

Appalachian Ski Mountain
The slopes will be open from 1 to 10 p.m. on Tuesday, December 25. The day will serve as a fundraiser for Appalachian Ski Mtn’s ski patrol and customers who purchase their tickets online before Dec. 25 will receive a 50 percent discount!

Canaan Valley Resort
Justin Harris posted:

Good morning and Merry Christmas everyone!

It is a beautiful white Christmas in Canaan Valley and the day couldn’t be looking better. This past weekend gave us the Christmas gift of 10 inches of white gold and conditions on the mountain yesterday were magnificent. I included a picture today as an example of how good the powder was yesterday. We opened up Snowfields while blowing snow on new trails, and we anticipate that Weiss Meadows 1 will be opening soon, if not today. I will be sure to keep everyone updated. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Day and that all of you can make some turns to celebrate the holiday season.

He also put together this sweet (and snowy) video Christmas wish…

More Canaan news…

They just opened Snowfields! The ski area is open with 14 trails to ride, including Timber Trail, Valley Vista, and Upper Spruce from the top of the mountain, with snowmaking happening on Meadows 1, Easy Does It, B Slope, and Weiss Way In. Snowmaking operations are ongoing this morning and will continue for as long as weather permits, with cold temperatures in the forecast through Christmas. Their tube park and ice skating rink will also operate extended hours for the holiday week. Winter is rocking here at the resort!
More App Ski Mountain shares…

Appalachain Ski Mountain is gifting everyone 50% off Christmas skiing and snowboarding today. Check it out:

Speaking of AppSkiMtn, Jim Cottrell of their French-Swiss Ski College shared this welcome…

Snowshoe Mountain Coolness…

Hop over to our SkiSoutheast Facebook page to see a video share from Snowshoe Mountain of Chally Erb, a local legend who is fighting ALS. Last weekend, Chally took a couple laps on Cupp Run to let ALS know he’s still in charge. Salute toSnowshoe’s incredible patrollers for making it happen.

Click here to view that video (and Follow us while you’re at it. Please!)

Nice Words from Timberline Resort

A nice Santa shared with their message

At this festive time of year, the staff of Timberline Four Seasons Resort sends our loving good wish for a wonderful holiday season to you and your family. We very much appreciate–and are deeply grateful–for your generous support and goodwill throughout the year.

May you enjoy crystalline blue skies, good water, deep snow, fine snowboards and fast skis, along with luck, love and perfect health.

We hope you’ll stop in to ski with us while you are in Canaan Valley. Thank you for joining us in celebration of the joyous gifts of community warmth, family, love, and personal friendship, without which the world would indeed be bleak. Merry Christmas.

–The Staff of Timberline Four Seasons Resort

Check the SNOW REPORT for special session times today….

Special Thanks to Bill Nabers…

I get a lot of emails and texts and Bill I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome words of wisdom you shared. I was planning on sharing your email but didn’t want to do that without your permission. Regardless, thanks my man.

Merry Christmas Everyone…

We are so blessed to have you, our readers as a part of our daily ride in this bit of virtual world called SkiSoutheast. Without you guys we’d simply be writing for ourselves and despite the fact that I know that is ‘a thing’ – it would not be my thing. I love hearing from you guys. I love hearing from those of you who we have introduced to new ski areas that you’ve not traveled to prior. I love most – hearing from those of you who met other, special friends through this website.

I love introducing new friends to the sport of ‘snow’.

I’m going to end today’s post with some photo shares from around the region this morning…and with that said, I wish for you, our readers – Love, Peace, and Joy- which are the true meaning of Christmas. May today and this Holiday season be filled with happiness and good cheer! May the magic of Christmas peace and love be with you for all of 2019. May the warmth and peace of the holiday season be yours.


…and thank a snowmaker!

Cataloochee working the snow this morning! Click to Enlarge!
Snowshoe as of 9:15am already with some brisk traffic! Click to Enlarge!



Beech Mountain making snow on almost ready to open additional slopes! Click to Enlarge!
Winterplace greetings. Click to Enlarge!
Cataloochee Christmas Wishes. Click to Enlarge!

That will do it for today.

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