LMSC – Your season doesn’t have to come to an end!

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” class=”h2″]Year-Round Skiing, Snowboarding & Tubing![/su_heading] With temperatures rising and the end of Winter quickly approaching, hope is not lost for ski and snowboard enthusiasts in the southeast! Unlike other ski resorts, the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre (LMSC) does not rely on mother nature to provide high-quality shredable conditions. In fact, LMSC is the only year-round ski resort in the southeast. So enjoy the slushy turns while the snow is still around, but make sure to visit LMSC especially in your local resort’s off-season for a unique shred experience!

The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre was photographed in the Fall on November 3, 2015. (Photo by Kevin Manguiob) [su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” class=”h2″]No Snow, No Problem![/su_heading] The innovative snowflex surface is key to LMSC being able to offer a year-round ski and snowboard experience. Although it rides slightly different than actual snow, the surface is able to closely imitate the slip and grip feel of snow with the benefit of being consistent year-round. Experienced skiers and snowboarders will be able to adapt to the surface and should be making turns in no time at all! Beginners are also encouraged to take lessons with our skilled and friendly instructors to minimize the costly learning time that would normally be experienced at larger winter resorts.

The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre hosts its first week of Campers at their Next Level Summer Camps on July 15, 2015. (Photo by Kevin Manguiob) [su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” class=”h2″]Off-Season Training Facility![/su_heading] LMSC also serves as an excellent training facility for freestyle skiing and snowboarding! The slope features many rails and boxes as well as three different sized jumps and a quarter pipe located at the bottom of the main slope. Beginner and expert riders alike can quickly progress their freestyle abilities on Snowflex giving them a huge boost into the next season on snow. The Liberty University Ski & Snowboard club team just recently returned from competing at the USCSA Nationals championship at Whiteface mountain in New York where they earned 3rd place in rail-jam and slope-style competitions for men’s snowboarding against western colleges like Sierra Nevada and Westminster.

The Liberty Univeristy Ski & Snowboard Club team was photographed at the USCSA Nationals Rail Jam Course at Whiteface Mountain, NY. (Photo by David Promnitz)

So whether you are craving a new experience or just really need to scratch that winter sports itch, come visit the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre this off-season!

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