No Snow, No Problem – LMSC’s Artificial Slope

Photo taken last Winter just after the city of Lynchburg received some fresh snow. While the hill is covered in snow in the image, we do not blow our own snow. The surface is designed to be “misted” with water. This means that we do not rely on mother nature, but on our own water pumping system to create ideal skiing and boarding conditions.

LMSC’s artificial slope is here for you when the Winter weather just won’t cooperate!

For the past few weeks the temperatures have been around 50 degrees for the highs while only dipping a few degrees below 30 at the lowest. Because our slope is artificial and works year-round these conditions are almost perfect here at LMSC. Our neighbor resort, Wintergreen, has been open for a few weeks now but surely these are not the conditions that they were hoping for at the start of the New Year. We love the real stuff but with a motto like “No Snow, No Problem” we are obviously enthusiastic about being able to get on hill, even if it is an artificial one.

The Snowflex material provides an avenue for dedicated skiers and snowboarders to satisfy that itch to just strap in and go down. At the end of the day, that is what skiing and snowboarding is all about, right? Just this past weekend Liberty University held their Winterfest event and LMSC saw around 2,500 skiers, snowboarders and tubers cycle through the facility. All of this skiing, snowboarding and tubing took place on our artificial hill! Many of these kids were complete first timers and we hope that their experience propels them into a lifelong engagement in the sport we all love so much.

Now that everyone’s minds are completely on skiing and snowboarding, we would like to share a glimpse into what happens in the Summer/Fall at LMSC! Keep in mind, at Snowflex we completely understand that nothing will ever replace that feeling you get ripping a turn on your skis or board on actual snow. What we offer the South East is the most accessible, affordable way to continue engaging in snow sports year-round.

First, check out this video Utah local, Bryden Bowley, filmed for our Next Level Summer Camps in June and July…

Next, check out what the No Names Crew (including some of our very own managers) put together in August and September…

Both of these videos show what we are passionate about. First and foremost we are all about supporting the skiing and snowboarding culture in the South East. It just so happens that our facility can seem to cater more towards young freestyle enthusiasts seeking to make a name for themselves while developing their shredding capabilities. We understand completely that an artificial snow surface will not compete with the fresh corduroy seen at all of the other ski resorts in the country, but what Snowflex is here to do is ensure that you can get on your skis or snowboard at any time of the year.

Check out the links below for more information from our website and make sure to give us a follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @lmsnowflex!

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