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First Trax

Friday was a strange day for me. I’m certain you’ve had those days when everything felt just a l-i-t-t-l-e bit "off". Friday was one of those days for me. Case in point – I think I had to tell everyone who would listen yesterday that the temps last night would be in the low to mid 20s here at Snowshoe. That’s TONIGHT’S FORECASTED lows. I knew it but something in my brain kept relaying that inaccurate data.

Later in the evening I was beginning to feel like the "bottom of a bird cage" if you know what I mean. Some kind of stomach yuck hit me; my throat began getting scratchier by the minute and I started clogging up with a head cold.

I was certain when I went to bed last night that I would awake this morning sick.

Well…that’s not the case. I’m actually feeling pretty okay…and now looking forward to making some turns with the SkiNC / SkiSoutheast Messageboard crew who have ALL spent their hard-earned monies to come and hang out with each other, moi and the folks here at Snowshoe.

Frances (AKA SkiPink), Keith (Bultaco), Jeffreyc (AKA many things including Captain America), OhDrinkBoy and actually several others had to have cloned themselves on Friday before making the trip because I and my crew ran into them more than a few times when we first got here, in the elevator (twice), at Silver Creek, and then at The Junction last night.

I appreciate all of you guys. I really do. I don’t think I express it accurately enough but how can you not appreciate and have a kinship with the kind of people who hit the slopes rain, come in to switch into some dry clothes and do it all again at Silver Creek and then still find the energy to hang out and party like rock stars at night.

Such are the dedicated heros led by Captain America himself – who is among the first – if not the first to make reservations and make these Summits each and every year. I mentioned it yesterday that John and his son Parker (AKA Twister) flew in from Chicago just to be here. That is certainly special and worth multiple recognitions.

I’m certain that there are other very cool stories that I hope to hear and share with you guys after today’s turns and tonight’s party at Moonshine. Pass the word – we’re going to give away a Season’s Pass to any ski area in the region with the lone exception of Sugar Mountain tonight. I’m feeling not-so-overly appreciative and we’ll have some fun tonight.

Thanks again for those of you (81+) who made the trek here this weekend.


While at dinner with 14 of our friends and staff last night we began seeing heavy rain and lightning as the storms that rolled across the Midwest earlier on Friday skirted the mountains to the west of us. When I got back into the room it REALLY began pelting the windows to our unit here in Rimfire. My thoughts turned to the snow that had to be taking a beating on the slopes.

Then the news report shared the devasting blow that trashed town after town with all of those tornadoes. As of this morning AT LEAST 28 people lost their lives due to those storms and countless homes and businesses were destroyed in the deadly weather that played havoc across the region on Friday.

Joe Stevens of Joe Knows Snow was with us at dinner but could understandably not take his attention too far from his phone as he was monitoring a tornado that was on the ground right around the vacinity of his home in Charleston, West Virginia last night.

You won’t hear me complain about the weather today. No sir.

I will be updating the FirsTrax news in a little bit with some pics and videos from here at the Summit. I’m headed for first tracks with the crew, Dave Huber and peeps.

Check the Snow Report for trails open, etc.

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