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I was attending the 41st Annual Woolly Worm Festival on Saturday and one of the festivals organizers and VIPs noticed me in the crowd and invited me to come up and he introduced me to the crowd as “the guys that does ResortCams.com”. I shared that we have cameras at many mountain locations and I asked a show of hands in the crowd of how many people had ever seen or been on the website and quite a lot of the crowd raised their hands (which was a bit of relief as I didn’t realize that I could have opened myself up for one of those awkward moments when you ask a question like that and nobody responds).

Anyway, I let the stage after shooting some video and one person grabbed my attention and said, “Sir, I have to share a story with you.”

She then shared that she had visited the website many times which prompted her to visit the area and she fell in love with the area and moved to Hound Ears.

We’ve received hundreds of emails over the years where people shared similar stories, but this was the first to tell me face to face. Kind of cool. We love introducing our mountains to flatlanders and thank you, Carrie for sharing your story. Watch the video below.


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