It’s WINDY. It’s COLD…and there’s some Natural Snow to Talk About!

First Trax

Story by Mike Doble – [email protected]

Check the ski report for all the details. I’m headed out of town for a soccer match. (Yea, I know.) Anyway, suffice to say that things will be MUCH improved for today with lots of snowmaking EVERYWHERE!!! (Okay there was ONE ski area that didn’t make snow last night. We’ll let you guys look around.)

The BIG news is that SNOW fell across West Virginia and Maryland – dropping 2" on the northern tier of our coverage area. COLD invaded the area and that is the other BIG news as temps this morning are 36° colder in some areas this morning compared to Friday morning. that was the case at Ober Gatlinburg. It was some 25-35° most everywhere.

CHECK OUT THESE TWO NEW CAMS that went LIVE on Friday and we’ll be announcing MORE in the next couple of days.  

App – 23° – Making snow and 100% Open

Beech – 15° – Making snow. Friday morning at the same time it was 53°! They have 11 of 15 trails open and are having some Retro 80s fun there this weekend!

Cat – 20.8° – Making Snow and 15 of 16 Trails with only Cat Cage terrain Park not open.

Sapphire – 28.3° – Made snow and both trails and tubing are open.

Sugar – 16° – Making snow and open with at least 17 of 20 trails and tubing and ice skating and they are having their huge SPYDER SALE this weekend.

Wolf Ridge – 20.5° – Reporting NO SNOWMAKING on their own website this morning and there are NO signs of it on their webcam either. They are open with 10 of 22 trails which is pretty much what they’ve had all season. This could be a sign that they will be the first to close for the season and shortly.

Bryce – 32° – No update this morning – They will 100% open with all 8 trails.

Mass – 32° – No update this morning – They will have at least 10 of 14 trails open and 10 lanes of tubing.

Homestead – 27.9° – At least 5 of 10 trails will be open.

Wintergreen – 19.8° – Made and making snow! – 15 of 26 trails open along with tubing.

canaan Valley – 14° – 2" of natural snow! – Made snow – 16 of 39 trails open.

Snowshoe – 14° – 2" of natural snow – Made snow and at least 56 of 60 trails open. Their report had not hit as of 6:50am.

Timberline – 19° – 2" of snow and making snow – 31 of 40 trails open

Winterplace – 18° – trace of snow and making snow! – 25 of 27 trails and tubing open!

Wisp – 21° – 2" of new snow and making snow! – 23 of 32 trails, tubing, ice skating and mountain coaster all open!

Ober – 27° – making snow – 4 0f 9 trails open. It was 63° here Friday morning!

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