It’s SNOWING as of 10am! Sunday’s Looking very SNOWY!

First Trax

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Story by Mike Doble – [email protected]

Updated: 10am – We’re seeing snow already… 

First things first…if you’re interested in what the snow reports look like for today, simply check out Saturday morning’s post by me as they are identical. Same trail openings and the same base depths. Not one change.

In fact the temperatures across the region are pretty much the same early this morning as they were Saturday morning so this had the feeling of a scene from Groundhog Day.

The MAIN difference in this morning’s report is that from 7am through now – about 9:30am – the temps have dropped everywhere. We’re already seeing some snow falling in Boone via the King Street Cam.

As I was compiling the data this morning I saw freezing rain up on Beech as the lens on the Parkway Cam up there was iced completely over. The BASE CAM at Beech Mountain Resort is dead. We’ve been in touch with Beech and hopefully will install a STREAMING CAM up there Monday or Tuesday.

We’ve ALREADY been featured on four different television stations this morning. I’d call this excitement central. The President’s day crowd was out in full force on Saturday. Good grief there had to be some one-hour lift lines yesterday!

I was looking at the Sugar Ski and Country Club cam this morning and this snow that is moving in could not be more perfectly timed as there is some very worn, thin snow showing up right off the lift up top of Big Red.

As the temps drop I’d expect the snowguns to be cranking up as well.


Hmmm…my Saturday forecast is getting support from weather gurus. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. On Saturday some of our local weather gurus were all saying that the most significant snows would be further north into Virginia and West Virginia while my forecast alluded to 5-9" of snow for most of the higher elevations from Beech north.

Now they’re all agreeing. Gotta love it. With the cold temps already filtering in I think we may see 6-9" of snow atop Sugar and Beech, and then the same into West Virginia with some locally higher snows like up at Snowshoe. A foot of snow up there is real possibility!  I think 3-4" of snow will fall around Cataloochee and into some of the Virginia ski areas.


Sugar – NASTAR today on Big Red and the High Country Junior Race Series final competition is today at 9 am on Big Red.

Watch the races LIVE at  

It’s kind of cool watching the slopes wake up each morning on the cams…

Wintergreen Resort is ALREADY (at 8:46am) seeing 23.3° reading and making snow.

Canaan Valley’s David Vance is an early bird! He posted this morning’s ski report at 5:18am and at that time it was 27°. It is now showing 17° up there. A BIG SNOW EVENT is in the forecast but we’re still thinking that their snowguns would have been on, but they aren’t which is great news for skiers and snowboarders.

You can see the cold air filtering in and just where it is hitting first simply by doing the ski report. Snowshoe’s report was posted around 7:15am and at that time they were reporting a 30° temp and now at 9am it is 26°.

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