It’s Mid-March and Most Ski Resorts are 100% Open

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I’m posting two videos below (as well as a bunch of photos) that shows just how great the slopes are for today and this weekend.

Today’s Photo of the Day comes compliments of Timberline Mountain of “100 days Harper”.

Here’s also a quick shout out to Rudy Ryback for posting a sweet story last night and to “Rebecca Smith” if you are reading this – (we always like new fans of the website.) You can check out Rudy’s latest right here: Race Report, 2021 Sunrise Scramble 

By the way, Rudy, sorry we didn’t end up connecting at Canaan Valley or Timberline Resort last weekend.

Speaking of Canaan Valley and Timberline – I had such an awesome weekend last weekend up in Davis, West Virginia. I spent all my time enjoying the trip and didn’t post much…until now…

The video below was shot last Sunday, March 7th at Timberline and it shares a glimpse of the awesome, new, lift system that Timberline invested millions in. The video also shows a top-to-bottom run down “Twister”.

I have to add that I really like all of the trails at Timberline Mountain. I remember talking with Snowshoe’s, Ed Galford a number of years ago and he always shared that he would have loved to have been able to “pick up” and place Timberline’s Twister and Salamander trails and place them as part of Snowshoe’s terrain.

Salamander is long, but a little to flat in spots for my taste, but I’d rank Twister up there with the feel of Upper Shays Revenge to Lower Cupp at Snowshoe. (Lower Cupp is steeper…but they have similarities.)

Timberline Mountain certainly offers plenty of Black and Double Black trails in “Off the Wall”, “The Drop” and “White Lightning & Thunder Struck” as well.

I’ll share some of the runs at Canaan Valley from last weekend as well.

I know that MANY of you have seen images and videos of Black Water Falls, which is a short 15 minutes drive from both ski resorts. I made the treacherous trek down what ended up being a completely frozen over walkway down – covered in 4″ and more of “refrigerator ice” down to the falls. Here’s that video.

I already shared that conditions are surprising great across the region, but here is a nice video pulled from Snowshoe Mountain, March 9th.

…and Things STILL Look Quite Good Across the Region

The temperatures this last week have warmed into the 60s and even some 70s in the last few days and without question, that will mean some “Spring Conditions” at the ski areas, but temps dipped into the 30s again last night at several spots which will firm things up for the first few hours on Saturday and Sunday if you are fortunate enough to be on the slopes this weekend.

There is PLENTY of base snow on the slopes and REALLY nice, side-to-side coverage. There is no “slope creep” happening just yet – where the sides are closing in. The only places we really saw that happening over the last week or so are now closed for the season.

Check the SNOW REPORT for all of the deets and for the resorts that are closed.

I mentioned “Hundred Day Harper” as our Photo of the Day share and that is because this young, SEVEN YEAR OLD just celebrated his birthday this past week on the same day that he achieved skiing for his 100th day in a row this season!

I was at the Governor’s Cup Races at Canaan Valley on Saturday and I saw him tearing up the slopes. This kid eats Double Blacks for lunch!

Here are some Closing Photo Shares…

Some snow farming (Grooming) was happening atop Beech Mountain Resort this morning. Click to Enlarge!
Another nice Sunrise at Canaan Valley Resort from the mid station. Click to Enlarge!
Snowshoe Mountain was looking all “glorious” as usual AND they are 100% open today! Click to Enlarge!
Winterplace Resort was doing some snow farming/grooming of their own! Click to Enlarge!
Everybody’s Doing It. Snow Farming that is. This was from Massanutten Resort this morning! Click to Enlarge!
Speaking of Massanutten Resort, THIS is one of my favorite shots of Massanutten shared yesterday! Click to Enlarge!
An ALWAYS impressive share from Wintergreen Resort this morning – looking all sweet and getting some grooming on as well! Click to Enlarge!

That will do it for me this morning guys. Enjoy your day and email me as you wish: [email protected]

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