It’s a Bluebird Day!

First Trax

We got the snow yesterday and last night and the sun today.  Tell me friends, what could be better?  Well, how about more snow in the forecast for tomorrow?  It’s shaping up to be a great holiday weekend to hit the slopes.  This couldn’t have come at a better time.

In addition to the natural snow the resorts received in the past 24 hours, they are in full snow making mode.  Sugar has quite the haze over it right now, – looks like they’re reliving their college days.

Making Snow at Sugar Mountain
They are blazing at Sugar

It’s almost as if they have some low clouds, but a closer look shows that it is of their own doing.

The Top of Sugar Mountain
The view from the top of Sugar

It’s practically the same story no matter where you go today.  Just about all of our member resorts got some natural snow yesterday and last night.  Beech, Wolf, Cataloochee, Wintergreen, Timberline, Massanutten, and Bryce all received about an inch.  Canaan is reporting 1.5”, while Appalachian, Beech, Snowshoe, and Ober received about 2”.  Sugar somehow beat everyone as they are reporting 3”.  The lone resort not reporting snow fall is Wisp in Maryland.  However, a look at their camera tells us there is more to it.

View of Wisp Ski Resort
No natural snow at Wisp?

Along with the snow comes a few reopenings.  Appalachian is back to 100% and Beech is back up to 13 of their 15 runs, including OZ.  As I mentioned above, the resorts are making snow like they are on a mission, but the guns should be silenced this afternoon at the more southern and lower elevation resorts as we reach the heat of the day.  Appalachian has already shutdown their guns even though it is currently 15 degrees, but App has a policy of not making snow during operating hours if they can help it – THANKS!

View of Appalachian Ski Mountain
Laying down the corduroy at Appalachian

Snowmaking conditions will return tonight and every night for the foreseeable future for the entire region.  Look for more openings before the big weekend and next week.

Given the crowds that will start arriving tomorrow night for the long weekend, tomorrow is shaping up to be a good day to be “sick”.  Call it a mental health day if you will and go out and rejuvenate the soul.

Take Care.

Tim Bahlke
Drop me an email at [email protected] to let me know what you think or with suggestions on what we could be doing better.


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