Is Our Weather Changing Campaign Working…already?

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If you read our "Drastic Measures" article yesterday, you know that we inlisted the help of thousands of you to help us get this winter weather turned around. If you missed it… Click Here. Could it be that your Positive thinking is already having an effect? Did enough of you say your winter prayers? Is this all just coincidence? Did we time this cute little story KNOWING that the weather was changing around the 11th?

Regardless, here’s the good and the bad. First, the bad news. The snowguns will NOT be running anymore (unless some freak temps come in) from now through next Friday, December 10th. That means that the changes of seeing any resorts open NEXT weekend other than Sugar and App are slim-to-none. Conditions will deteriorate some through the week at those two resorts as well…but they WILL have snow to ride through the period. Hats off to them!

The Good News!?! – SNOW is in the forecast for December 11th!!! Even MORE importantly…COLDER AIR is on the way. Right now it appears that the highs next weekend will be in the 30s(near 40°) and lows in the 20s. The next few days that we have reporting for so far…are showing partly cloudy skies and normal temps that SHOULD allow for snow making for December 12th, 13th and 14th! Look for ski resorts to open within those few days and be ready to begin normal winter operations for the December 17th weekend, which is great news as they prepare for the huge Christmas and New Years weeks ahead. Whew!

Keep Praying and Keep Thinking Positive! – No matter the reason, THANK YOU LORD, for the improved outlook. Now maybe we can begin to see the Snowier, Colder Winter for the rest of the season. THINK SNOW and THINK COLD!

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