Hurricane Sandy Piles on the Snow

First Trax

With Frankenstorm still on the loose, just getting started rather, the snow reports are ever changing. We just heard from Snowshow Mountain Resort’s PR rep, Krysty Ronchetti — Snowshoe, WV is currently under a blizzard warning. They currently have 6 1/2 inches of snow, and it’s still coming down. Wind gusts are nearing 28 mph. According to NWS, they’re anticipating 34 inches of total snowfall.

Krysty, looking on the brighter side, points out, "snow is the lifeblood of Snowshoe Mountain and a storm of this size is allowing us to consider opening early for Thanksgiving." She sent in the three images you see below, courtesy of Snowshoe Mountain Resort 2012.

Check back often for updated snow reports and more recent weather conditions. Email your comments, photos, or info to [email protected].  




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