HighCountryWeather.com Network Continues to Grow!


Valle Crucis, NC – We launched a new weather center at www.ValleCrucisWeather.com today. The new weather station now gives us 27 reporting stations via the www.HighCountryWeather.com network.

Thanks to Jim Neustadt of Valle Crucis Log Cabins in Valle Crucis for making this new station a reality. Jim and his crew offer beautiful cabin rentals in the area and since they are based in the heart of Valle Crucis we thought he’d be a perfect partner. I’m going to put in a shameless plug here but if you guys are looking for a great vacation getaway and want to stay in a piece of heaven, contact Jim and his crew at 828-963-7774 or visit their website at www.LogCabinRentals.com and they will make that a reality.

The new campaign to add stations is going well as we’ve now partnered to get live weather content at numerous locations around the ski communities of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic.

59,740 unique visitors have visited the new weather network since January 1st. In addition to the new content via HighCountryWeather.com we’ve added dedicated URLS for:

Sugar Mountain Weather
Canaan Valley Weather
Wintergreen VA Weather
Winterplace Weather
MCHenry Maryland Weather
Davis WV Weather
Massanutten Weather
Deep Creek Maryland Weather
Snowshoe Weather
Beech Mountain Weather

…and now the new Valle Crucis Weather

Since launching the new dedicated content URLS in October of 2011 we’ve seen the network traffic increase exponentially.

Kenny Griffin, who oversees the weather content, stated, "As a new meteorologist it is exciting to see this coming together. Some of these new websites such as CanaanValleyWeather.com are already showing up on the first page of Google and we’ve seen the visitation on that one website jump from 2486 visitors that first month in October to triple that in December with 6187 visitors."

As mentioned above, the weather center network has now received 59,740 visitors since January 1st with Sugar Mountain, Canaan Valley and Beech Mountain weather inquiries topping the list of most visited weather content.

HighCountryWeather.com was started back in February of 2000 with one station and a simple idea that we needed to do something to more accurately let our visitors know what the REAL temperatures are at the ski resorts.

As an example – just now I searched 26209 via Weather.com and you’ll see a current temperature of 40°. Weather.gov (the National Weather Service) is reflecting a current temperature of 41°. Our www.SnowshoeWeather.com content is showing the temperature as 37°. As we all know, the difference in snow and that "underdeveloped" stuff is often just a degree or two. By getting stations implemented atop all of the ski resorts, we’ll be able to better provide accurate information to our visitors.

All of our new weather content is available on www.HighCountryWeather.com, the individual ski resort pages on www.SkiSoutheast.com (middle column under the snow report for each ski area), and also via the dedicated weather websites such as those shown earlier.

Our goal is to have every ski area in our region broadcasting the actual weather content so that we’re better able to inform not only the general public but all of the meteorologists of the region just how much colder it is on top of the mountains of our area.

We want to thank all of the resorts that have already joined us in this effort and hope that our readers will save those station locations as a favorite and pass the word that if you’re looking for LIVE temps from the mountain of your choice – check out HighCountryWeather.com!

You can email me your thoughts, photos, videos and more at [email protected]

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