Here are the winners for today’s Mass Free Lift Ticket Giveaway!

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Here are the winners for today’s MASS FREE LIFT TICKET GIVEAWAY!  Please stop entering!

Here’s a couple of notes that we ran across.  A number of you guys entered and would have won, but you didn’t include your address.  A few caught that yourself and re-entered in time and did win.  Lucky you!

Looks like 33 people won the 118 tickets and that pretty much taps us out for free tickets for this season.  We always try to get the last ones out so you guys can take advantage of them before the season ends.

Okay, I told a LITTLE white lie – we still have more to give away!  I told you guys that we had more free passes than ever before and we weren’t kidding!  We do this again sometime next week!

We’ve had one heck of a busy day.  Thus far we have out in eight hours devoted to the site today and more has to be done!  You guys keep us hopping!

One funny note…and I’m going to be nice and not mention any names, but one young lady from Florida entered early enough to be a winner, but said that the tickets would be used IN JUNE!!!  She followed here entry with an email saying, “If the resorts are not still open in June, please pull me out of the contest.”

What is even funnier is that SOME people think all the snow is gone from the slopes when we get one or two days of mild temperatures, and here is a young lady who thinks we ski into June around here!

Here are the winners.  We emailed you if you won and they will go out in Friday morning’s mail.

Tommy Miller of Boone, NC – 2 tix to Cataloochee
Justin Jones of Dalton, Ga – 2 tix to Ski Beech
Mark Heckle of St. Mathews, SC – 4 tix to Ski Beech
Jamey Mays of Winfield, AL – 2 tix to Ski Beech
Nicole Barrett of Bristol, TN – 2 tix to Cataloochee
Beverly Hall of Kite, KY – 4 tix to Ski Beech
Wyatt Pope of Kinston, NC – 2 tix to Wintergreen
Kathy Lancaster of Chattanooga, TN – 2 tix to Ski Beech
Kathy Smith of Raleigh, NC – 1 ticket to Ski Beech
Laurie Goral of Bluff City, Tn – 2 tix to Wintergreen
Chris Bowman of Atoka, TN – 6 tix to Ober Gatlinburg
Elizabeth Hughes of Atlanta, GA – 4 tix to Ski Beech
Mike Marr of Rossville, TN – 5 tix to Cataloochee
Rick Morris of Archdale, NC – 2 tix to Wintergreen
Berry Allison of Orlando, FL – 4 tix to Hawksnest
Robin Fay of Athen, GA – 2 tix to Cataloochee
Nancy Clilax of Decatur, GA – 3 tix to Cataloochee
Sharon Murphy of Duluth, GA – 2 tix to Ober Gatlingburg
Denise Williams of Tallahassee, FL – 4 tix Cataloochee
Mike Watson of Jonesville, VA – 4 tix to Wolf Laurel
Lisa Wood of Franklin, TN – 2 tix to Ober Gatlinburg
Tom Presnell of Aiken, SC – 4 tix to Hawksnest
Joanna Tinsley of Pendleton, SC – 3 tix to Wolf Laurel
Jason Wood of Greenville, SC – 2 tix to Wintergreen
Ben Alexander of Knoxville, TN – 3 tix to Ober Gatlinburg
Jeremy Hollwy of Richlands, NC – 5 tix to Wintergreen
Anne Bass of Winnsboro, SC – 2 tix to Wintergreen
John Calvin of Moneta, VA – 8 tix to Wintergreen
Christy Tripp of Troutman, NC 4 tix to Wintergreen
Charles Staley of Roanoke, VA – 6 tix to Wintergreen
John Brewbaker of Chesapeake, VA – 4 tix to Wintergreen
Terry Barnhardt of Richmond, VA – 3 tix to Wintergreen

Until Next Time!

Be sure to check out for more news and stories for all of the Southeast’s ski areas.

Be sure to email photos, snow reports and comments to: [email protected]

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