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Today is a SNOW DAY in the mountains as from 2″ of snow falling across Beech and Sugar mountains in North Carolina, to 4-8″ of snowfall into the Virginia ski resorts, and from 2-6″ in West Virginia and as much as 12″ of new snow around Wisp Resort in Maryland.

The photo of the day shows the icy cold and snow from Wintergreen Resort.

…and by the way, it is still snowing across much of the Southeast and mid-Atlantic mountains. We shared a Facebook LIVE broadcast earlier this morning sharing some views and news from around the region and you guys can check out that video below:

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December 2020 Just Keeps On Giving…

Let’s be honest. We KNOW that the winter forecast was and still is for the 2020-2021 season to be influenced by La Niña and for the most part that USUALLY means a bit warmer and dryer for the Southeast and mid-Atlantic ski resorts. However, so far, the 2020 part of that 2020-2021 ski season has been AWESOME. We’ve seen a colder and snowier December than normal and expected. We’ve had three straight weeks of mostly cold days and nights and already from 16″ of natural snow at Beech Mountain in North Carolina, to 8.4″ at Bryce Resort in Virginia, to 29″-30″ of snow at Canaan Valley Resort, Timberline Mountain and Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia.

The snowmaking crews across the region have (for the majority of December) been able to make snow consistently (with the exception of the Virginia mountains), but even those ski resorts are now blanketing their slopes with manmade, white-gold.

…and the forecast is for more of the same. Right now we’re looking at around-the-clock snowmaking chances for a lot of the region, and overnight snowmaking opts for every ski resort from now through the end of the year with additional chances of natural snow in the forecast for the next two weeks!

There are even VERY GOOD chances for a White Christmas!

Conditions are awesome as  more and more slopes open at more and more resorts across the region.

Here are some nice video shares to keep the mojo going


Mark from Canaan Valley Resort Talks a Little About Safety this season:


A nice promo released on the 13th, promoting the resort and season passes:


Nice short vid talking about opening day at Bryce Resort:

Here is a nice photo capture from this morning atop Wintergreen Resort:

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