Gresham Barker files a great Trail Report for Cataloochee December 9th, 2006

On Snow

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The Cat Crew is officially BACK for its second full season. A great day was had by all at the hill. Messageboard members in attendance:

Ski Mastercraft
Mr Stinky
Ga Tom & Family
Waynecash and family
Colorado Widespread Panic
SkiSC and Son
Gresham B

Cataloochee is looking EXCELLENT. With the natural snow this week combined with excellent snow making, Cat has laid down a base that will last them for a WHILE! The temperature was very nice throughout the day, and the sun was shining all day long. A chilly 14 degrees at 7:30 this morning warmed to the mid to upper 30’s throughout the day. PERFECT WEATHER! Actually, Cat has made so much snow in some areas, that giant rollers have formed all along the slopes, making for some great skiing and riding. Cataloochee was open to the mid-station on the double today, and even opened the quad to 3/4 station and Rock Island about mid day. A few terrain features are in their normal early season location – skier’s right of Easy Way/Rabbit Hill. Cat has a rainbow box, a small kicker, and a rail to keep the jibbers content until the Alley Cat terrain park opens later in the season. I got a chance to view the new snow gun placement on Snowbird. Cataloochee now has full time snowmaking capability on the newly opened Snowbird trail. This will give anxious beginners and intermediate skiers and riders more options from the top of the hill. Crowds were non-existent. Lift wait times were no more than 2 minutes. The Crew had a great time and is excited to get the season underway. You need to get out of the house and go ski/ride NOW people! The conditions and weather are exceptional!

Gresham Barker

(Be sure to check out Gresham’s Photo of the Day under Cataloochee…)

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ridingshockgun doing his thing at Cataloochee from December 9th – Photo by Gresham Barker
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