What a Great Weekend It Was!

First Trax

What a fantastic weekend of skiing and snowboarding it was!  This was easily the best weekend of the season thus far as blue skies followed a week of cold, snowmaking, and some natty snow.  I made it out to Beech Mountain on Saturday and wasn’t disappointed.  The snow and weather were both great and it actually wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be.  I posted a trip report over on the messageboard so make sure to head on over there and check it out.  I’m loving my new point and shoot camera.


Jordan Nelson was also out there and got some sweet aerial footage.  Check out the video below.  I suggest making it fullscreen.

Here’s some social media posts from some of the other resorts that show off the blue skies and great snow conditions from the weekend.


Like I said, it was an AWESOME weekend!  As I thought would happen, lots of new trails opened up and we even saw a couple resorts get to 100% open.  Thank you snowmaking.

The Week Ahead

So, after a fantastic last week what lies ahead for this week?  It’s going to be interesting to say the least.  Wintry mix is the phrase of the day.  The next few days at the resorts will see a mixed bag of precip including rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow, and even some snizzle.  Yeah, I said snizzle.

The good news is that the weather clears up by Thursday and Friday and the MLK weekend should be a good one.  We’ll also see some snowmaking this week, though not as much as last week, and as I mentioned some natural snow is also possible for some ski areas.  So no worries if you have a trip planned for the holiday weekend.  You’re going to be just fine.


Here’s some random thoughts/observations I have going right now.

– If you read Mike’s posts this weekend, you know he was calling out some peeps for posting manmade snow as “New Snow”.  I noticed this too last week and was wondering what the heck it was about.  Hopefully this trend dies quickly as it is unbelievably misleading.

– There are currently three resorts that are 100% open…Appalachian Ski Mountain, Bryce Resort, and Massanutten.  Kudos to them.  There are a few others that are almost there as well.

– Make sure to read Joe Stevens’ latest article.  It’s interesting to read about his history with the website.


That’s all for this Monday.  Until tomorrow…

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Blue Skies and Tons of Snow This Past Weekend at Winterplace
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