Great Weekend on the Slopes

First Trax

It is always hard following Mike with the First Trax reports.  He is the master at the keyboard, but I will do my best not to let you down. 

We are having a great weekend for skiing and riding at the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic resorts.  The temperatures are very comfortable and the snow is GREAT.  As many of you know, I was at Wintergreen yesterday and it was pretty spectacular.   I’ll get a full trip report up tomorrow, as soon as I get back to home base.

Wintergreen VA

There was a light snow coming down and the slopes were covered with a nice fluffy surface. The crowds were light in the morning, but picked up as the day went on.

Wintergreen VA

It was a great day to be at Wintergreen.  If you are up there today you are in for a treat Weatheras they are having the Blue Ridge Double Cross at the main terrain park.  It is going to be another great day on the mountain, so head up today if you can!

It was a pretty easy task updating the snow reports this morning.  About all that changed were the temperatures.  Our member resorts are operating at peak condition right now.  No new snow to report today, unfortunately, but there is some snow in the forecast for later today at the West Virginia resorts.  It looks like we’ll have a storm move through the area the first half of this week.

Cupp Run Challenge Results

Snowshoe finally got the results of the Cupp Run Challenge up.  The top 5 for each category are…

Women's Snowboard Overall                                                   

Rank      Bib                          Name    Class                      Time

1              2                              Bouchard, Shae                U20        /96         02:52.1
2              3                              Doll, Samantha  U20        /94         03:18.0
3                                              Frey, Elizabeth  U30        /89         03:29.6
4              6                              Schneider, Ashley U30   /88         03:39.3
5              5                              Hamilton, Sherry U30     /90         03:55.4

Men's Snowboard Overall                                                          

Rank      Bib                          Name    Class                      Time

1              162                         Valach, Michael              U30        /84         2:24.19 (1)
2              150                         Willis, Thurston U30        /87         2:24.30 (2)
3              158                         Leonard, matt   U40        /80         2:38.47 (3)
4              199                         Hammer, Max   SR         /69         2:40.96 (4)
5              173                         Reeves, Grant   U20        /94         2:42.18 (5)

Women's Ski Overall                                                    

Rank      Bib                          Name    Class                      Time

1              41                           Kitkat,   U50                        /68         01:55.3|
2              38                           Johnston, Rebecca U15 /01         01:57.9
3              34                           Perkinson, Emily U20      /95         01:58.1
4              141                         Given, Helen      U30        /93         01:59.0
5              45                           Kosmala, Emily  U30        /92         01:59.4

Men's Ski Overall                                                                           

Rank      Bib                          Name    Class                      Time

1                                              Poore, Keith       U40        /80         01:38.0
2                                              Oliver, Ian           U20        /95         01:43.3
3                                              Woody, Trey       U20        /97         01:45.5
4                                              Bragg, Matthew   U20        /96         01:45.8
5                                              McAlister, AndrewU20       /97         01:46.5

Sochi Olympics

The top 3 countries so far as the medal count goes are

  1. Norway – 2 Golds, 1 Silver, 3 Bronze
  2. USA – 2 Golds, 1 Bronze
  3. Canada – 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

The big news for us is that Bode Miller botched his medal run at the Downhill and ended up in 8th place after putting together the fasted training run.

There’s a full line up today.  Men’s Ski Jumping is on at 1pm, and the prime time show will include the Men’s Downhill as well as Women’s Slopestyle, and more Men’ Ski Jumping.

Take Care out there today.  If you can’t make it to the hill, you at least have it on the TV.

Tim Bahlke
Drop me an email at [email protected] to let me know what you think or with suggestions on what we could be doing better.


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