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I'm a little under the weather so I'm going to get right to the news of the day today. Conditions will be about as good as they've been all season long today and this weekend for most of the resorts. Many of the resorts are reporting new natural snowfall which is always great. Perhaps Wisp's 5" of snow is the most we've seen from the last 24 hours and Snowshoe's 12" in the last few days tops the region although Canaan and Timberline are close seconds in that department.

The LIVE CAMS are already showing semi-heavy crowds at the resorts which is GREAT for the economic impact side of things.

Wolf Ridge Resort is holding a "Grand Opening Special" now. I thought they opened in 1965. I know they've been open THIS SEASON. So they waited 47 years to hold their Grand Opening. There's been a LOT of strange stuff happening over there in the last few weeks – to the last couple of years. Lots and lots of emails have come to me from fans and residents telling me ALL SORTS OF THINGS. I've placed calls to the new management (yes new management) but so far we haven't heard from them. They are certainly busy doing what new peeps do.

The website is up ….again…for the 4th time. Maybe this time it will stay.

Conditions are awesome even if I'm not this morning so go ride and quit reading this crap 😉

Here are the notables for today: I've mixed them up just cause that's how my head feels today.


BEECH MOUNTAIN RESORT: 14 of 15; 18-50" Base; 2" New Snow
It's 18° this morning and snowmaking continues! Beech has blasted all trails with great snowmaking and will as long as temps allow today. All trails are open with the lone exception of the Oz Run. This is the most terrain Beech has had open in two seasons and conditions look GREAT for today! Ice Skating is open as well as the terrain park.

CANAAN VALLEY RESORT: 35 of 42 Trails; Snow Tubing; Ice Skating; 1" New Snow, 6" Storm Total

Canaan opened up a TON of trails from Friday to today! Things look AWESOME and reports from Friday were that they had the best conditions of the season. Canaan was making snow this morning as well. Not sure what the technical difficulties are pertaining to the LIVE cam, but it won't be back online for another week at least.

THE HOMESTEAD RESORT: 7 of 10 Trails; 38" Base; 1" New Snow; Tubing open.
We want to welcome The Homestead to our "promotional family" of member resorts. We'll be talking more about The Homestead in the days to come. Their staff has done great things in coming us informed about daily conditions and of course the new webcams is LIVE now showing some nice views! Check it at:

The Homestead is night skiing tonight and will provide fireworks to celebrate Winterfest weekend. Snowmaking is ongoing as long as temps allow. Snowmobiles are closed tonight.

MASSANUTTEN RESORT: 14 of 14 Trails; 34" Base; 1" of New Snow; 10 Lanes of Tubing
Mass is 100% open and looking SWEET this morning. They've made tons of snow and received a bit of snow as well. In fact as of 8:30am it was snowing!


SNOWSHOE MOUNTAIN: 45 of 60 Trails; 12-40" Base; 2" OF New Snow and 12" from the storm.

We've gotten a few emails about the season snow total that Snowshoe is reporting of 105". Somewhere along the way we're thinking they added one of the bigger snows lately twice. Their season total is actually at a region leading 87.5" which is 7" more than Canaan and Timberline are showing.

It is snowing as of 9am as you can see via: We're really hoping that they can take the time to get the other two cameras running soon.

APPALACHIAN SKI MOUNTAIN: 12 of 12; 48-72" Base; 2" New Snow
What a great weekend ahead for skiers and snowboarders! Appalachian Ski Mtn. has been able to produce impressive amounts of snow during the last week and currently is operating with a 48-72” base.

The current weather forecast for the upcoming weekend shows clear skies and cool but not frigid temperatures, which should make for comfortable riding weather while still leaving snow conditions prime.

Saturday morning, ASM will open 100% of slopes for skiing and riding! Focused snowmaking on Hard Core and Thin Slice has been ongoing for the past several days and should provide excellent coverage for expert riders this weekend.

Best of all, for the comfort of our guests, ASM will NOT be making snow on ANY slopes during the weekend!

TIMBERLINE RESORT: 24 of 40 Trails; Terrain Parks; Tubing; 12-52" Base and 3" New Snow!

Great conditions are in store for Timberline fans this weekend as it is STILL SNOWING as of this morning update. Expect packed powder conditions and watch the snow and the fun at:

There is ALREADY a crowd out there!

WINTERPLACE RESORT: 26 of 27 Trails; Terrain Parks; Tubing; 28-52" Base and 3" of New Snow!

Winterplace has got it going ON this morning with all trails open except Turkey Chute. The rest of the mountain is available to ride and in AWESOME shape after more natural snow fell. It is still snowing a bit this morning. Check the LIVE CAM at:

WISP RESORT: 25 of 32 Trails; Terrain Parks; Ice Skating; Snow Tubing and 5" of New Snow.

Great conditions await you at the Garrett County, Maryland ski resort. Lots of packed powder conditions.

Taken from a Cessna by Jason Boyer from WLOS TV

CATALOOCHEE SKI AREA: 16 of 17; 30-50" Base; Trace of Snow
Cat celebrated "Military Appreciation Days" Thursday and Friday which was enjoyed by all who attended. They are in great shape now with all except the Cat Cage Terrain Park open. Tubing is open as well.

BRYCE RESORT: 8 of 8 Trails; 36-62" Base; 1" New Snow; Tubing Open
Bryce looks nice this AM after some natural wintry mix and lots of snowmaking! Check things out at:

Without question this is the best things have been all season long! The guns are OFF now so go enjoy!

SAPPHIRE VALLEY SKI AREA: 2 of 2; 48-56" Base; No Snow; Tubing Open
Sapphire's website is down this morning and they've not updated reporting services since the 21st. However they are open and look great via:

SUGAR MOUNTAIN RESORT: 17 of 20; 32-66" Base; Ice Skating & Tubing
Sugar has more terrain open today than at any point this season. For those who kept emailing me about "Little Nell" always being closed, check out the trail report today as that little connector from the main hill to Easy Street is open today. The only closed terrain is the terrain park, Sugar Bear and Boulderdash.

NASTAR is going on at noon today and tomorrow on Big Red and you can watch the people up there via:

It's pretty foggy up there this morning but that should clear.

WINTERGREEN RESORT: 25 of 26 Trails!; 30-60" Base; Terrain Parks; Tubing
Open today from 9a-10p, skiing and riding on 25 trails with 5 lifts operating.  Both Terrain Parks, Outer Limits, Devils Elbow & The Gap – open today!

Tubing:  The Plunge is open today from 10a-11p.  Ridgelys Fun Park is open from 11a-4p.  Purchase tickets in advance online for these popular activities.

Terrain Park:  10 ft box, 12 ft flat rail, 12 ft down rail, 16 ft flat box, 16 ft down box, flat tank, down tank, rainbow box, up box, large propane tank, propane tank bonk, 2 small tables, 1 medium table top, 1 large table top and a drop down box.

Snowmaking:  Great snowmaking conditions continue allowing us to provide lots of variety and great surface conditions.  Keep checking this report for the most up to date information.

OBER GATLINBURG: 6 of 9 Trails; Terrain Park and Ice Skating Open as well as Snow Tubing. They made snow in the last 24 hours but are not making it now. Conditions will groomed on a base of 12-20" for what should be about the best conditions of the season for the Smoky Mountain Resort.

WOLF RIDGE RESORT: 9 of 22; 40-72" Base; No New Snow; Tubing Open
Wolf didn't make snow and wasn't this morning with temps at 26° closeby. We're guessing there must have been an inversion. Frustrated fans of the resort have emailed us wondering when Wolf will get more terrain open. The resort is NOW announcing that they are "Under New Management" unless someone calls and tells us that too is bogus.

The up and down saga involving the website and the new owners who aren't new owners has now evidently come to fruition. No, we have YET to hear from them despite our attempts, but the website is now up (again) and this time evidently for good. We really like the new site and at some point I'll bet they get a snow report on there. Of course the old site is still the site that everyone knows about and it's the site that you find when searching Google so we're guessing if things are really under new management now, then some forwarding of will soon be in the offing. Earlier in the week we reported on comments from numerous peeps on the mountain that a deal had been struck which allows the new management to pay a hefty monthly lease payment over three years in an attempt to lease to own the resort. We wish the new team good luck.

The NOW reads (third change in wording in a month): "Wolf Ridge Ski Resort Under New Management

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort, one of Asheville and Madison County’s largest employers is now under new management. Arthur Webster LTD, the new management team is driven to convert Wolf into one of the premier resorts on the East coast offering year round activities with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. “Customer service is #1 and everything in our business is aimed at providing an experience to our guests like no other. The first thing people need to know is Wolf Ridge is not just a ski resort anymore”, said Reuel Wheatley, principal owner of Arthur Webster LTD.

The NEW Wolf Ridge Resort plans to immediately start converting the resort into a year round destination. This includes enhancing the dining facilities by opening the new Mountaintop Grill 7 days a week, 365 days a year. “Our food and beverage head is one of the best in the industry, focused on delivering a great meal at a reasonable price. We believe our customers will be incredibly satisfied with our dining experience”, Wheatley added. Wolf plans on providing weekly entertainment at the Mountaintop Grill, as well as many other events throughout the year.

The New Wolf will have three terrain parks with the beginners “Cubs Paws”, the intermediate “Packs Place”, and finally “The Wolves Den” for the serious riders who want to apply themselves on the most advanced terrain in the region. The resort will also offer a separate $12.50 park pass for admission to the advanced terrain park. Other changes include a lift-side grill, local Asheville busing options to and from the resort, fundraising promotions and much more.


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