“GOTCHA,” says Mother Nature!

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As I was driving in to work this morning through a little slush here and there -remnants of last night's oversized fluffy snowflakes- I was listening to my favorite radio station. This is the only one that I stay on for any consecutive length of time, mind you, because I'm actually interested and engaged. With other stations, I immediately change as soon as a commercial or DJ comes on.

Getting to the point… they quickly shared a clip of a local weather man saying how we HAD a "false sense of security" with this winter based on how absent last year's winter was. We're being brought back to reality though rather rapidly as the season progresses, several storms come and go, and temperatures drop and drop and drop (and then go up for awhile but then drop again).

For those who we're looking forward to fall meeting spring, they probably don't have a high opinion of mother nature right now. However, for all the snow lovers and slope dwellers who had their heads hanging low and hands in their pockets, scuffing the ground with their shoes, anticipating yet another lousy drowsy ski season… GOTCHA! That's what mother nature has to say to you! With about one month plus left, that concern is nothing more than a distant memory. I would hope, anyway. If you're STILL living in fear, you MAY have bigger problems than having not enough days on the snow 😉

With the imminent blizzard approaching, targeting the northeastern part much more heavily, I'm anxious to see the weekend's snow report. There's even a buzz about the potential for it to be historic, but again, mostly up north. Some wet snow fell around Western NC overnight, but that was it. Many of the other resorts are expected to see some rain (possibly freezing rain) this morning and then snow later this afternoon to make way for what some are calling "NEMO."

The storm is supposed to reach its peak early Saturday, but by that time, it should be long gone from our area resorts. Check the snow report tomorrow morning to see what came of it. But then after that, bundle up and get out there! You never know how many more weekends of great conditions are left.

Be sure to keep SkiSoutheast under your radar over the next few weeks. We'll have summit details for you ASAP, a few more contests and giveaways, as well as an announcement or two that should make your season sweeter.

Enjoy your weekend. May it be filled with snow, slopes, and cheesy smiles.

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*1st & last photos courtesy of Wisp Resort 2013

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