…and Good Morning from Snowy Vail this Morning

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Good Saturday Morning All…

The view above is from the back of our condo after more than two feet of snow has fallen in recent days.

Both TheKenDog and I are out of town. He’s traveling in the DC area and I (this is going to be tough to share) am in Vail, Colorado. Kenny and I spoke this morning about the temps and conditions in his “neck of the woods” and I took a look around the Southeast and mid-Atantic region in terms of temps and conditions…and then received a 6am snow alert from here in Vail…and good grief we’ve got to find a way to get some of this snow and cold over into the Southeast!

I’ll snap some pics and post them later today as Kenny agreed to do the snow report for me and I’ll handle the daily news and reports.  So I’ll be reporting remotely and talking ski and snowboarding conditions in the Southeast, where resorts are struggling to keep from one-half to two-thirds of our slopes and trails open and yet I’ll be reporting from an area of the country where the snow “hits” just keep on coming. It’s 4° here this morning and it’s been in the single digits and teens for the last week and there’s been 6-8″ of new snow every day for the past week or so and a foot more is expected by late today.

The main NEWS this morning for the Southeast is the crowds. Despite the fact that resorts are not 100% open and despite the wished-for winter-like weather and conditions – the crowds will be out in full force. I was looking at the live cams yesterday before I left Charlotte airspace and the lift lines were already evident and the big crowds will be out and about today through next weekend.

Check out http://www.resortcams.com/ski-cams/ for the best way to view the resorts from all over the region.

The snow report will be important to check out if you’re thinking of heading up for a day trip…and I’ll come back to you with some epic reports from snowy Vail later today and throughout this next few days…and YES I will be reporting on what’s happening from around the Maryland to West Virginia to North Carolina ski areas as well.

More to come and I promise not to rub it in (all the snow out here)…but maybe a little “snow mojo” would be good for my reports and perhaps I’ll digitally force some of this epic snow “our way”.


Have a great day guys.

Check out the FULL SNOW REPORT HERE and feel free to drop me an email with your thoughts and reactions at: [email protected]

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