Fun in the Sun at Beech

First Trax

WOW – what an INCREDIBLE day at Beech yesterday (and I imagine today to be the same)!  There was plenty of sun and we had a lot of SkiSoutheasters up on the mountain.

Mike, being the old sage that he is, just about nailed how the day would go down.  We did start in the parking lot where theKENDOG got the party stated.

Tailgating at Beech Mountain

The resort definitely had a party theme going on and everybody got in on the action.  There was plenty of neon to be found.  We even spotted the Pink Power Ranger – although HE was too quick for a picture.

Lots of Neon at Beech Mountain

I got up there late morning, but theKENDOG and crew made it up for the first chair and got in many laps in the morning while the snow was still hard.  By mid-morning, the sun and warm temperatures had softened the snow up to the consistency of mashed potatoes – or affectionately referred to as Spring Granular.  You had to be pretty committed to your turn as the lumps would try to push you off your line.

It was not too long before we found ourselves at the 5,506 bar at the top of the hill.  Since it was so warm, they decided to open up the bar – VERY COOL!

Open Bar at Beech Mountain

The festivities up on the mountain brought in a nice (but not too big) crowd.  Up at the bar, we ran into a number of characters – some were even legit.  We saw the car at the bottom, but to meet the Ghost Busters up close and personal was a real treat!

Kenny at the Ghost Busters at Beech Mountain

And you would not believe who was hanging out with the Ghost Busters…

Bret Michaels at Beech Mountain

I forgot to ask if he ever found love.  I know back in High School, I sure did to a few of his songs. 😉

It was such a great time up there.  If you’re around today I hope you take advantage of the Spring sneak peek.  There is only one National Weather Service Alert to inform you about today.  Appalachian Ski Mountain has a Local Pollen Alert for the next 3 days.  The trees up on the hill are getting busy.

Looking ahead to the week, it appears that Spring will cease to exist by Wednesday for the most part as the temperatures dip back down below freezing with the possibility of snow by mid-week for most of our member resorts.  Winter is not done with us yet – thank goodness.  It will be interesting to see who takes advantage of the cold and turns the guns on.  After all, making snow is expensive, and we are past the halfway point and just about all of the resorts have stockpiles of snow that they can redistribute if needed.

Before I close, let me say how great it was to finally meet so many of you in person  – davidski, OldSchool, skipink, and many others.  It was great sharing the beers at the top – sorry for the morning headaches!  All I have to say is thank goodness the bar is at the top and we had gravity to help us depart – I for one needed it.

You guys and gals take care out there today.  Get in some lumpy turns today if you can.  It is going to be another day in the 50’s with PLENTY OF SUN.  My face has a little color to it this morning due to all of the sun at Beech.  GOOD TIMES!

The Ghost Busters at Beech Mountain

Tim Bahlke
Drop me an email at [email protected] to let me know what you think or with suggestions on what we could be doing better.


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Hope You Enjoyed the Early Spring
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