From First Chair to Last Chair

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It seems like a week ago was a world away. Since last Thursday, our region has been hit with some northwest flow COLD weather. It feels like winter has finally arrived AND it’s here to stay.

One of my goals this season was to get first chair. There really is nothing like getting to the top of the run and seeing the canvas is truly yours to carve . . . that feeling never gets old. Only ski patrol makes earlier turns in the day, to do their sweep of the runs.

I got in some nice cruiser runs at Cataloochee BEFORE MLK weekend and it was primo. Cat was open to the top, even after the “great mid-winter meltdown” . . . as can be seen in the video below:

On a side-note, I always enjoy seeing new techie equipment . . . Check out this photo, in the lodge, of what looks like a soft snowboard liner inside of an exo-skeleton ski boot. It TOTALLY blew my mind.

The transformer ski boot! . . . Gotta love it

In all seriousness though, the prognosis for the region is really good right now, as suggested in Brad’s latest Video. Just look at the upcoming 10-day for Snowshoe. If this doesn’t get you excited . . .

Plus, Mike just released the deets on the 2020 SkiSoutheast Summit at Snowshoe. At this rate, it is going to be superb conditions for the Summit . . . join us!

This weekend, I’m headed up to Whitegrass for the 34th Annual Mountain State 25km Ski Marathon. I had a good chat with Chip, and he seems confident it’ll be a GO. I look forward to sharing with you guys how it went. I also hope to spend a day at Canaan, while I’m up there. I’ve never been, and I’m super psyched!

On the flip-side of first chair, check out the recent and gripping podcast from Outside Magazine on getting last chair . . . It hits close to home. This 2015 story is about a boy who was snowboarding at a North Carolina ski resort, and gets the very last chairlift ride to the top. It’s the end of the session, and the chairlift stops . . . INDEFINITELY. What do you do when no one is around, and you can’t call for help? . . . I don’t want to give away the ending . . . it’s “edge of your seat” stuff . . . no pun intended  : P

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