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First Trax

As I post this morning update prior to leaving for Snowshoe this morning at 4am, it is raining here in the High Country. The forecast is for 30% of light rain and clouds…and blustery winds. It shouldn’t be an all day kind of rain and according to the National Weather Service these windy conditions will usher in a pretty weekend.

I thought we’d share some videos with you guys today.  If you haven’t visited the video page in a while we have added a few from this season.  There are videos from Dave McConnell of the messageboard of the SkiNC / Utah Summit.  We just added a new one from Snowbasin.  There’s also some awesome footage produced by Matthew Mottershead showcasing Hawksnest Resort from a couple of weeks ago.

Last but certainly not least there’s a great professionally produced video that includes several video cuts from the Wisp Resort media weekend that took place in January.  Joe Stevens and Dan Shreve of The Media Center in Charleston, West Virginia shared this footage with us and it shows off some of the terrain and also has an impressive bit of footage showing off Wisp Resort’s unmatched snowmaking pumphouse.

We’ve added several videos to the page and some of them deserve a look.  You’ll have to have a fast internet connection to view them or if you want to burn some time, allow your dialup to get them and then replay them and they should be fine.

Click HERE to visit the video page and check out these and other great videos.  They are a GREAT way to see a glimpse of what we have to offer in the Southeast!

Ski Conditions Will Vary from South to North

I will be traveling early AM Friday and due to the fact that this was a last second trip, I didn’t make arrangements to get the ski conditions posted early.  So check the conditions on the individual ski resort website this AM and I will update the slope conditions upon my arrival on Friday.

As I was preparing to head north to Snowshoe for the weekend, I couldn’t help but smile like a Cheshire Cat when I prepared my notes for the weather posts.  Snowshoe, Canaan, Timberline and the other resorts up that way are all getting snow as we speak (some 2-4”) and another 2-4” are possible in the AM hours of Friday!  Kent Jackson and Bill McEntire have BOTH been updating me with some amazing photos of Snowshoe over the last couple of days and the conditions up that way are simply amazing right now.  They have been getting a little snow over the last few days and they’ve also been making snow.  With the promise of more snow Thursday night and Friday…oh-my-goodness! There’s nothing like powder and 50+ trails to play on! Thank YOU Andrea! (When are the higher brass going to make that position permanent!?!

So the West Virginia Resorts are getting the best of the Winter blast right now with some natural snow and colder snowmaking conditions, but my North Carolina “home resorts” should be offering some pretty decent Spring Condition ski conditions on Friday.  Friday night will be cold in NC so you MIGHT even see some snowmaking although the word is that most seem to be prepared to ride out what they have til next weekend.

Danny Hawkins of Charlotte, North Carolina sent me a message the other day, after returning home from a Colorado trip, that really hit home with me.  He said, “Ride for the Soul…no matter WHERE you are!”  I think that is going to become my new mantra or watch-phrase!

Thanks to Joe Stevens and Dan Shreve…

In much the same way that some television specials and sporting events begin rolling the credits and special thanks before “the show” is even over, I wanted to take this moment to say a special “thanks” to Joe Stevens this season who shared some great thoughts throughout the season with his “Joe Knows Snow” column.  We’ve had some guest writers from time to time, but it was nice having some fresh content and a somewhat different perspective on the site this season.  We certainly hope to do it again next season Joe. (For the record Joe’s not through just yet…but we’re rolling the credits here!)

Thanks also to his partner, Dan Shreve of The Media Center in Charleston, West Virginia for “loaning” Joe to us all season.  Dan’s the talented Director of Operations for the startup business.  Stevens serves as Director of Communications and Development.

Here’s a Small, Shameless Plug!

The Media Center was formed in October 2005 by Dan Shreve and Joe Stevens to assist partners in managing their corporate message.  The Media Center is a multi-faceted communications and production business in Charleston designed to help companies, government agencies or others to access and communicate with the media.

Shreve and Stevens are veterans of the media relations world, with over 60 years of experience between them.  Shreve was a Vice President and General Partner of a Video Production company in Charleston for over 20 years after a stint as a news photographer and production in TV news.  Stevens was Director of Communications at Snowshoe Mountain Resort for 15 years with another 15 years prior to that in Richmond, Virginia newsrooms.  Both know how to communicate with the media to get the word out.  When it comes to product, Shreve is an awarding winning photographer and producer and the two have had projects that have aired world wide.

If you’re in business and you want to get your message out…how about give The Media Center a shot at assisting you in getting that corporate image in front of the world!  Click HERE to Visit The Media Center’s website.

…and the REST of the “Thank You Messages” will be shown right after another “chapter or two” of the 2005-2006 Ski Season play out!  We’ve got a lot of people the thank this year…so stay tuned!

Until Next Time

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