Readers are sending images like this one of Cataloochee from 5 years ago this week.

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Everything is cyclical and we’ll see great conditions again soon. Keep the faith.


Four Ski Resorts Still Operating with a Combined Seventeen Slopes & Trails

It’s interesting how your perspective changes about “how bad our weather has been” when you consider that at least eight people lost their lives after Dallas area tornadoes hit on Saturday. While we would all LOVE to have a little “blizzard action” I’m certain that you guys would agree with me when I say that NONE of us would want the kind of crippling ICE STORMS that have been wreaking havoc in Oklahoma, Kansas and portions of Colorado.

As usual I received more snow alerts from MORE good snows at the Colorado ski resorts…and here we are with only FOUR of SIXTEEN ski areas even able to have enough man-made snow to provide any kind of sliding action today. Those four ski areas (Snowshoe with 10 slopes, Cataloochee with 4 slopes, Timberline with 2 slopes and Wisp Resort with 1 slope) are offering a combined 17 slopes and trails.

I am not sure what Wisp, Cat and Timberline will do after today, but Snowshoe Mountain has already advised all of their guess that today (Sunday) will be the last day of skiing or snowboarding until cold air returns as they will suspend skiing and snowboarding operations at 4:30pm today.

I happen to BE HERE at Snowshoe for (presumably) this last day of skiing or snowboarding in 2015. I’ll get some images and video and post what I can – perhaps later in the day or Monday.

I ran into some people on the elevator on Saturday who had just come off the slopes and they reported that they LOVED making laps without lift lines and that the snow was “pretty good”.

Again – it’s all about perspective.

This will be only MY second day on the snow in December as I was able to hit Sugar two weekends ago…so I’m really looking forward to make as many laps as possible.

With that in mind, I think Randy Johnson is posting a pretty cool story today and perhaps Kenny Griffin will chime in…so I’ll invite you guys to check out their news in a bit.

I’m certain that meteorologist Brad Panovich will be posting a weather update soon and we’ll see what he says, but right now I can report that cold air DOES look to be headed our way on Thursday night (New Years Eve) and that we could see some around the clock snow-making operation all next weekend.

I can ALSO report that the SUN IS SHINING this morning here at Snowshoe, so it should be pretty damn great to hit up as many of those 10 slopes and trails as looks inviting to me to hit!

Here’s what the FOUR resorts are reporting for today:

Wisp Resort:
We will have Sunset Blvd and 1 conveyor carpet open along with the Wisp Kids area and carpets.

Snowshoe Mountain:
10 slopes / 5 lifts and Early season conditions, marked and unmarked hazards exist. Please use caution. Play it safe and enjoy the mountain! Terrain park features will be available on lower Powder Monkey today. Progression Park is open as a ski trail without features.

Timberline Resort:
2 slopes and 1 lift with a 16″+ base and they are reportedly open for DAY and NIGHT sessions.

Cataloochee Ski Area:
4 slopes and 2 lifts and Open 8:30-4:30pm. BASE/SURFACE:  10-16″ base, marginal conditions, some thin and bare spots

That’s it for me today…until I can post some images and video.

I DO plan on doing some Sporting Clay Shooting, hiking and potentially some RZR tours so I’ll post an alternative-style report later in the week.

All the best to all of you guys. Thanks for stopping by our little piece of internet real estate.

Until next time…

Enjoy your day and THINK SNOW! THINK COLD! Email me anytime and about anything at: [email protected]


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